Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Share Bed With Kingston And Betty The Dog In Adorable Video

Gwen Stefani is recovering from a ruptured eardrum, and Blake Shelton is playing doctor by making sure that she gets plenty of rest. He’s also giving his ladylove the best medicine: lots of cuddles.

During a recent interview, Blake gave fans an update on how Gwen is doing after rupturing her eardrum. The injury was so serious that she had to cancel her April 27 performance at the 21st Keep Memory Alive Power of Love gala in Las Vegas, but Blake says that his girlfriend is feeling much better now.

“She’s getting better,” Blake told Entertainment Tonight. “Something like that is just slow, when you pop-blow your eardrum out, I don’t even know how that happens. But, she says she can hear now.”

Blake praised Gwen for being “tough,” and he revealed that his girlfriend plans on performing during tonight’s episode of The Voice. Gwen Stefani spent the weekend with her kids, so she didn’t get a lot of peace and quiet while she was recovering. However, she didn’t seem to mind. On Sunday, she was feeling good enough to treat her fans to a few Snapchat videos, and they’re all pretty noisy. Her house was full of kids and animals, and Blake was also keeping her company.

In one Snapchat video, Gwen’s adorable nephew Leo entertains himself by chasing Blake’s sweet old hound Betty around the house. Gwen’s fluffy, teddy bear-like dog Gingerbread has made friends with Betty, and the two cute pooches later decided to snuggle up in bed with Gwen and Blake. Gwen Stefani’s oldest son, 10-year-old Kingston, joined the cuddle puddle, and he got a loving lick from Betty. Kingston repaid the canine’s kiss by giving her a big hug.

“Why do we have so many dogs?” Gwen asks in one Snap.

“Betty, don’t pee, even outside,” Blake warns his furry friend. “If you pee at all, you’re going to the pound.”

Gwen Stefani tries a less threatening approach when she attempts to talk the pooch out of making a mess.

“Betty, don’t pee on my carpet. Please!” she begs.

You can check out a collection of Gwen Stefani’s sweet Snapchats in the video below.

Shefani fans will be thrilled to see Gwen Stefani, Kingston, Blake Shelton, and the two dogs acting like one big happy family. It’s obvious that Gwen’s kids enjoy spending time with Blake, and Kingston might be one of the cowboy’s biggest fans. In an Instagram live video that Gwen shared earlier on Sunday, Kingston can be seen wearing an Arizona Cardinals T-shirt. The Cardinals are Blake’s favorite NFL team, so perhaps the tee was a gift from him. As Us Weekly reports, Gwen and Blake attended a Cardinals game in December 2015. It was one of their first major public outings as a couple.


As People reports, Kingston’s love for Blake is so strong that he happily celebrated his 10th birthday with his mom and the country singer. The trio went on a helicopter ride together, and Kingston had a blast. He also knows the words to at least one Blake Shelton song; in one of Gwen Stefani’s Snapchats, Kingston face-swapped with Blake and belted out “God Gave Me You.”

Unlike her country singer boyfriend, Gwen didn’t have to make friends with kids from a previous marriage after they started dating. However, she did have to win over Blake’s beloved hound. In the Instagram live video, Gwen made it very clear that she considers Betty a member of the family. She and Kingston were responding to comments from fans when she mentioned the pooch.

“‘Your mom looks like a Betty,'” Kingston read aloud.

“What does that mean?” Gwen responded. “Our dog’s name is Betty. Hmmm… “

Notice how she described Betty as “our dog,” not “Blake’s dog?”


Gwen’s sister-in-law Jen reassured her that the fan wasn’t saying that she looks like a dog; Jen informed Gwen that “Betty” is slang for “pretty.” Perhaps Gwen Stefani and “Baldwin” Blake Shelton should cuddle up in bed with Betty and watch Clueless for their next date night.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]