K-Drama Fans Shocked As Lee Dong Gun And Jo Yoon Hee Confirm Marriage, Tease Upcoming Baby

K-drama actors Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee have officially announced that they are now a married couple. In a statement to news outlets on May 2 KST, the popular K-drama actor addressed his fans and the media, confirming his marriage and the fact that his wife, Jo Yoon Hee, is pregnant. Considering the roller coaster of news that has embroiled the actor over the past few months, however, the news of his marriage has left numerous K-drama fans shocked.

An AllKpop report published a copy of Lee Dong Gun’s letter to his fans. In the brief yet thorough statement, the K-drama actor described his career plans, his life as a married man, and his excitement for the birth of his first child. Lee Dong Gun also thanked his fans for their support, pledging that he would work even harder to earn their admiration.

“Hello, this is Dong Gun. I am writing because I thought I had to let you all know first. Everyone, I have become a lawful family with Jo Yoon Hee through trust and love, whom I met through a production and have been in a loving relationship with. While we were preparing for our next step into marriage, we gained the joy of a new life, and with nervous hearts, we are awaiting our unborn child.

“For now, I plan on focusing on my drama Queen for 7 Days. After the production ends, we’ve decided after discussing with our parents on both sides that we will hold a quiet wedding with family and friends. I am cautious as to how many of you who have cherished and encouraged me will take this news. But in order for me to become a better actor and also to become a happier person, I’ve come to this decision, and hope that you will encourage and congratulate me. Please watch over us with warmth.

“I will do my best to become an even better actor who can repay your love, as well as the trustworthy head of one household.”

While the news of Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee’s marriage has largely been received warmly by K-drama fans, many have noted that the actor seemed to have moved on really quickly from one relationship to another. K-drama fans in the online forums of K-drama/K-pop news website Soompi, for example, stated that his relationship with Jo Yoon Hee has only been a few months old, with the K-drama power couple officially announcing their relationship just this past February. Prior to that, LDG has been known to be dating yet another Korean celebrity, Jiyeon.

Other K-drama fans, however, had come to the actor’s defense, stating that Lee Dong Gun and his former flame Jiyeon had actually broken up in December 2016, around two months before they officially announced the end of their involvement with each other. Lee Dong Gun’s relationship with Jo Yoon Hee, however, is widely speculated by K-drama fans to have started sometime over the past year, as the two actors worked on a project together.

Nevertheless, numerous K-drama fans have remained quite surprised at the pace and progress of Lee Dong Gun’s relationship with his fellow actress Jo Yoon Hee. From breaking up with his former flame, seemingly dating a co-star, announcing his marriage and expecting a child, things definitely appear to be moving incredibly fast for the popular K-drama actor.

Some K-drama fans had even begun speculating that LDG’s marriage to JYH might be a marriage to save face, as the child could have been conceived at a time when the actor was still involved with his former flame. Of course, these are but speculations from K-drama/K-pop fans, and thus, these inferences could not be confirmed. Regardless of the circumstance, however, Lee Dong Gun is now a married man, and soon, he would even be a father.

[Featured Image by Itsuo Inouye/AP Images]