‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Season 13 Update Signals Dennis’s Return?

Philly.com recently brought fans of the hit FXX sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia a big update on the show: that the release of the highly-anticipated 13th season has been pushed back a year. Although this news might seem purely negative at first, though, a bit more thought might reveal it will be a good thing for Always Sunny fans in the long run… because of the implication.


It’s Always Sunny has, for quite a while now, been renewed for Seasons 13 and 14. But Kaitlin Olson, the woman who plays “Sweet Dee” Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny inPhiladelphia, told reporters shooting on Season 13 was being delayed by one year due to the cast members’ involvement with other projects.

“We were all busy with separate projects this year. So at the end of this coming shooting season of The Mick, I’ll step right into Sunny after that,” Olson said, referring to the parental mix-up sitcom she is currently starring in on Fox.

Charlie Day, another cast member, is busy making his name as a feature film star — he is soon to appear in the Pacific Rim sequel.

Charlie Day, Ice Cube
Day most recently starred alongside Ice Cube in the move 'Fist Fight.' [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

Rob McElhenney, who plays Mac, is making a name for himself as a director. The Inquisitr reported last year that he is currently directing a Minecraft movie that will be released in May 2019.

Danny Devito is obviously a huge name already, but he is filling some time acting in a new Broadway play entitled The Prince.

That leaves the fifth member of the gang, Glenn Howerton, who plays Dennis Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny.

The seeming finality of Dennis’s departure from the show’s fictional main circle at the end of the Season 12 finale left critics wondering if Howerton was quitting the show.


Even Howerton himself voiced that his return might or might not be in the cards.

“It’s not entirely certain whether I am or not. I might be, but I might not be,” he said when asked about whether he would be back for Always Sunny‘s Season 13. “It’s partially a creative and personal decision.”

At the time, Variety pointed out that Howerton wanted to branch out by working on some other projects, most notably an untitled NBC comedy pilot. The other engagements would probably not leave Howerton with enough time to continue appearing on It’s Always Sunny inPhiladelphia, it continued.

It seems a little too coincidental, then, that the Always Sunny in Philadelphia team pushed their production back a year unless it is to accommodate Howerton’s need to take a break and work on some other stuff.

So, in short, the fact that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is taking a break for longer than usual is arguably a good thing, as it likely means Dennis will indeed be returning.

That’s not the only reason the pushback is good news for Always Sunny fans, either. A bit more time to throw around ideas may very well shine through in the show’s scripts.

That is not to say that the show has gotten stale; several big TV review sites like Film Radar agree that the show, which has been airing for over a decade, is still among the freshest and funniest on TV.

New seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have traditionally aired every January. That means that, assuming Kaitlin Olson was being literal when she said the next season has been pushed back a year, Season 13 will premiere in January 2019.

While that might seem like an eternity to diehard It’s Always Sunny fans, checking out the filmographies of the five main characters and basking in the show’s 12 hilarious seasons are quite the diversions.

Are you counting on Glenn Howerton’s Dennis coming back to Paddy’s Pub? Make yourself heard in the comments section below.

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