Chandler Riggs Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Gets High School Year Book Page And Goes To Prom

Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead must think normal teenage life is boring because this kid always has something on the go. Senior year of high school is known for being both the most fun year and the most stressful year, but Chandler Riggs beats out most teenagers for both fun and stress, hands down.

Riggs balances the usual stuff – family and friends, school and studying, and fun – with a challenging acting career where he has a lead role in the hit television series, The Walking Dead. On top of dealing with the usual high school senior life, he’s also works long hours in the hot sun while beating off zombies and avoiding a barbed-wire wrapped bat named Lucille.

Somehow, he does it though. As Comic Book reminds us, Chandler Riggs is a busy young man and for the past four years he’s been doing double duty as a student and a successful actor. But, at least for the summer, his life will get a bit easier.

As most parents are, Chandler’s parents are proud of him. That’s why they took out a full page in the high school yearbook to highlight his accomplishments and end his graduating year with a special message from them. Riggs has awesome parents.

Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead in yearbook
Chandler Riggs' parents took out a full page photo display in his yearbook (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Imagesfor AMC)

The image of Chandler Riggs yearbook page was shared on Reddit by one of the members of his graduating class.

Chandler Riggs’ full page ad in the yearbook looked a lot like other students pages might have looked. There were pictures of Chandler with his parents, Chandler with his friends, Chandler playing sports – all things you’d expect. There was one picture that might have made Chandler Riggs stand out amongst his peers though. It was a picture of the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Rigg’s picture on the front. Not many other students will have a picture like that on their senior yearbook photo page!

Chandler’s parents also left him a nice message.

“From the time you were four years old, we knew you were destined to do great things.”

The message continues to mention his special gifts, how proud Riggs’ parent are with his ability to balance a normal life with his acting career, and how proud they are to be his parents. Chandler Riggs is lucky to have such supportive parents that helped him follow his dreams and still be a successful student.


Chandler Riggs also got to participate in another senior year rite of passage – the senior prom. Riggs went with his friend, Kaitlyn. Chandler seems to have known her for a very long time because in one of their prom pictures, Kaitlyn is holding up a picture of the two of them when they were very young. Chandler’s mom, Gina Riggs, said in her tweet that they were recreating a pre-school picture. It’s pretty sweet.

Chandler Riggs has been acting as the son of Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, on The Walking Dead since the show first appeared on AMC 7 seasons ago. He has appeared in a good percentage of the episodes, so they keep him pretty busy during filming season. Part of the season that they are filming is when Chandler Riggs is on vacation from school. When he is in school, his parents and the school work together to make sure that he is able to have as much of a normal life as possible.

In the fall, The Walking Dead will be nearing the end of their filming for Season 8 and Chandler Riggs will be headed off to college. He hasn’t revealed yet which college he will be going to but he has said that he’s been accepted by Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Imagesfor AMC]