Is ‘Dancing With The Stars’ A Popularity Contest? Julianne Hough Talks Season 24 Perfect-40 Elimination

The Dancing with the Stars shocking Perfect 40 elimination last week left people dumbfounded, causing judge Julianne Hough to speak up about the show being a “popularity contest.”

Talent shows on TV have never been all about the “talent” as proven by last week’s DWTS elimination where we saw crowd-favorite Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy being voted off despite receiving a perfect score of 40.


“I was out on tour that Monday and like everybody else, I was watching on my TV in my hotel room and I mean after seeing the perfect score and seeing that results, I was definitely shocked,” Hough tells People.

It was a surprising turn of events indeed, but it is not impossible considering the kind of contest they joined, the 28-year-old Dancing with the Stars judge added.

“At the same time, I’ve seen it before on past seasons. A lot of people think because they’re one of the better dancers that they’re safe and so they don’t vote. But in actual reality, sometimes they need the most votes because everybody just expects them to be there.”


According to the 28-year-old DWTS judge, it was all because of the “popularity contest” and that people would vote for those who they believe needs to move on.

“It’s part of a popularity contest. I think people want to root for somebody who they think is going to improve and you see growth every week and you get to see their personality come through.”

Morris and Chmerkovskiy would’ve made it through last week’s Dancing with the Stars if they also made efforts to promoting the team. Instead, their fans might have been overconfident that their talent would see them through the elimination round.

After being let go, 37-year-old Maksim Chmerkovskiy told reporters that things would have turned out differently if their fans didn’t think that “they’re fine, she’s amazing, they’ll be there next week. Lemme throw a few votes here and there just because [that other team is] struggling.”

According to him, the same thing happened to Sabrina Bryan as well as his team-up with Brandy, calling both instances “not deserving exits” from Dancing with the Stars.


Of course, the show must go on and it seems like Chermkovskiy is making the most out of his untimely elimination by pitching in for another team—particularly the one where his fiancee is in.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Maksim is using his free time to help Peta Murgatroyd and Bachelor star Nick Viall get through another week in Dancing with the Stars. He even gave some pointers to the pair, something that Viall was very into based on what he told the outlet.

“I have the benefit of Maks coming in today, he’s being gracious with his time and teaching me some of his Maks ways. Being Maks is a lifestyle and I think I can pick up a few things from Maks.”

The Bachelor star also noted how having leaning from a male dancer was a lot of help especially his point of view which is definitely something Peta can’t give him even with her experience.

“It’s interesting, a guy teaching you how to dance is different from a woman.”

“Maks is obviously teaching me from his point of view as a man who knows how to dance, and while Peta is a fantastic dancer, it is kind of helpful sometimes to show, like, the guy’s intentions and kind of the things that Maks thinks about. So, it’s very helpful to have him here and show me a thing or two,” he explained.

Do you think Dancing with the Stars is a popularity contest more than one that rewards talent? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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