WWE News: Former Champion Blasts Stephanie McMahon, Triple H And Says ‘F*** The WWE!’

No matter what a superstar may do or say, there is always the chance that they could debut in or return to WWE at some point, but this former champion may have burned every single bridge.

Scott Steiner hasn’t really had a great relationship with the company for a very long time and a return seemed unlikely, but there is always the Hall of Fame. After his latest comments, it would not be surprising if he was stricken from existence.

Within the last couple of weeks, Scott Steiner returned to TNA Impact Wrestling to side with Josh Mathews in a rather strange angle, but he’s back on mainstream television. He had better hope that things will keep going well as he may never find his way back to WWE again after his most recent interview.

Steiner recently did an interview with Nick Strength and Power where he discussed a number of topics but was then asked if he had seen a recent episode of NXT. At that point, Steiner not only made it simple, but he was blunt about it and just said, “F***the WWE!”

He was far from finished, though.

wwe news scott steiner stephanie mcmahon triple h randy savage
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Bleeding Cool transcribed the interview which next heard Steiner asked why he felt that way about WWE, and he didn’t hold anything back. As a matter of fact, he dropped two of the four names of those who pretty much run his former company.

“Who’s in charge and who runs it, you know? There ain’t two bigger do****bags than Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon], you know? So…”

From there, the interview took an even stranger path as Steiner was asked if he happened to watch WrestleMania 33 last month. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion answered with “Well, hell no!” before asking if there was a statue created of Ric Flair.

The interviewer didn’t know anything about that and didn’t know where the statue was when Steiner asked about its whereabouts. Again, the interviewers didn’t know which led to Steiner ripping the WWE Hall of Fame.

“There’s no Hall of Fame. You got an address for the Hall of Fame?”

Nick finally guessed that the statue of Ric Flair was at Triple H’s house and Steiner said he was right and that “they better not make one of The Macho Man [Randy Savage].” The interviewer said there was one made, but he was mistaken as there isn’t one.

Still, that led to Steiner’s face lighting up as he exclaimed, “She made one?!? Oh, that’s definitely in her bedroom.” The “she” and “her” he is referring to is Stephanie McMahon and Steiner’s comments have to be aimed at the rumors which have run wild for a number of years.

wwe news scott steiner stephanie mcmahon triple h randy savage
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For many years, there have been rumors flying around that Randy Savage had an affair with Stephanie McMahon who was underage at the time. The rumor is that Vince McMahon, Stephanie’s father, did not know about Savage’s affair with the then-17-year-old Stephanie and he only found out years after it was over.

That was the reported reason that Savage was never inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame until after his death. UPROXX addressed the rumor last year and brought up the point that no-one in the McMahon family had ever spoken about it or mentioned it at all even when a new documentary was released about the Macho Man.

Scott Steiner’s runs in WWE had minimal success and he never made it to the top, but he is still in the long history of the company and that of WCW. Now, he’s a member of TNA Impact Wrestling once again and it looks like he has no plans of ever going near WWE once again. With Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as in charge of things as you can possibly get, it certainly seems as if a future Hall of Fame induction isn’t in the picture either.

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