Will Ryan Seacrest Stay With Radio Station After Hosting ‘Live!’ With Kelly Ripa? Seacrest Gives Update

Pop television and radio icon Ryan Seacrest has added another position in his long list of current endeavors, as he has officially become the host of Live! alongside mainstay Kelly Ripa.

Seacrest makes the third person to officially host with Ripa since her debut in 2001. Ripa began her hosting duties on the show as a replacement for Kathy Lee Gifford, as she was picked from a list of candidates from Regis Philbin. After Philbin retired from the show, Ripa had a long list of guest co-hosts, which included Jerry Seinfeld, Howie Mandel, Jesse Palmer, Mario Lopez, Dana Carvey, and many others. It was decided that former NFL star Michael Strahan would be the official host, making the show name Live! With Kelly and Michael.

Throughout social media, many inquired to Seacrest about whether he will leave his radio show, On Air with Ryan, since he has decided to officially host Live! every weekday morning.

Seacrest emphatically tweeted, “Thanks to the [On Air with Ryan] team for all the love and support. You’re not getting rid of me anytime soon :).”

He responded to an inquiry of whether he will still do his morning show on LA radio, “I am… and for a long time! Unless [Sisanie] and [Tanya Rad] decide to kick me out the house.”


Seacrest has no doubts that he will continue his show, which has been on the air since 2004, and in national syndication since 2008. With over 20 years in the radio business, Seacrest feels at home the most behind a microphone in a studio. However, with 15 seasons of American Idol on his resume, Seacrest is more than qualified to assume his new position after a year-long search for Ripa.

Strahan left the show after four years for a position on Good Morning America. However, he did not leave without a bit of controversy. People reported that Strahan’s departure was something that was totally unexpected from Ripa, who even had to take some time away from television to gather her thoughts. Strahan, though, made it clear of his motives of leaving, and that no malice was intended.

“I was the guy who delivered the news to hear (which I didn’t have to do, but I chose to do it). I could’ve told the bosses who made this decision, to do it themselves. But, no, I felt that it was my obligation after four years, and as an honorable person, to be the one to deliver that news.”

Strahan went on to state that he was not surprised with Ripa’s reaction to his announcement, due to acquiring a close relationship with her. However, he was surprised at her stance she took as Strahan being a “selfish person,” as well as “leaving, running away, and abandoning [her].” He stated that it was not the case, and moved over to Good Morning America because he is a “team player” and that is what the ABC-Disney family wanted him to be. He added that Ripa was aware of the announcement three months before he left, so it was not a last-minute decision. As a result, he has no regrets of his decision. Strahan has also decided to keep quiet on Twitter regarding the transition of Seacrest sitting in his former chair.


In celebration of his first day on the job, Seacrest told Ripa, “Let me say, thank you, very much. It is such a pleasure to be with you every morning. This is going to be the most fun I’ve ever had. So, thank you, and happy 21st wedding anniversary.”

Both Seacrest and Ripa appear to be very excited about the new partnership together, and hope to translate the excitement over to the viewers of the show every day on the set.

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