‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Adam Lind Dumped Due To Recent Meth Use

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s ex is having a rough time these days. Not only has the dad of two failed a court-ordered drug test and was found to have meth in his system, but his fiancee, Stasia Lynn Huber, has called it quits on their relationship due to the recent drama.

An insider spoke about the recent demise of their relationship.

“They are no longer together after everything that happened. All of the recent drama has torn them apart. There’s a lot more going on that people don’t know or understand,” they revealed to Radar Online.

The source continued with more information for the news outlet.

“He has a whole new group of friends who participate in illegal things. Stasia had enough,” they said.


Adam Lind was ordered to take a drug test after the two mothers of his daughters — Aubree, 7, and Paislee, 3 — grew suspicious of his behavior and thought he may be using drugs. Chelsea Houska, who stars on Teen Mom 2, teamed up with Taylor Huber, the mother of Lind’s younger daughter, to demand a drug test.

Adam Lind tested dirty the first time he took the test, but it was blamed on an error. However, he was asked to retake it, and he tested positive for a list of drugs.

Chelsea Houska, who is now happily married to Cole DeBoer and is finally rid of Adam Lind, recently told Dr. Drew on a Teen Mom 2 reunion special that she had her suspicions about his drug use.

“He’s just an a**hole. I mean, I’ve heard a lot of things. I’ve heard drug use by multiple people which I would not be surprised [about]. He just thinks he’s above everybody,” she said.


Although Houska spent several seasons of Teen Mom 2 pining for bad boy Adam Lind so that they could create a family with Aubree, the mom of two is totally over him now and would likely have nothing to do with him if it weren’t for their daughter.

Houska has worked hard to ensure that Adam Lind is in her daughter’s life, even when he is, at times, resistant. Last season, Lind was seen ditching Aubree’s spring concert and even neglecting to call her on her birthday.

While Adam Lind has always insisted he just “gets a bad edit,” it appears that there is more to it than that. He has frequently annoyed Teen Mom 2 producers by not showing up for scheduled filming sessions and even driving away with them waiting in his driveway.

Chelsea Houska has stated several times that Adam Lind often only shows up to events when he knows they will be filming and is often caught showing up at the tail end of Aubree’s baseball games.

Adam Lind reportedly owed several thousand dollars in child support between Chelsea and Taylor. He petitioned the court to lower the fees, but the judge threw it out as he was neglecting his duties already.

Currently, Adam Lind is required to have his parents present in order to visit with Aubree. However, Chelsea Houska knows that they have been somewhat lax with the rule. Since Adam tested dirty for meth, she is now ensuring that Aubree is never left alone with her father.

Adam Lind was previously allowed to see his younger daughter, Paislee, unsupervised. However, that changed after the drug test, and now he is obliged to have his parents with him when she is over as well.

Lind has threatened to quit Teen Mom 2 a number of times but has never made good on his promise. However, reports insist that he has not shown up to film at all this season.

[Featured Image by Adam Lind/Instagram]