Courtney Stodden Is Single, Throws A Divorce Party After Finalizing Split From Doug Hutchison

Courtney Stodden’s divorce from Doug Hutchison is over, and she had the party to prove it. Despite claiming that her split from the 56-year-old Hutchison was heartbreaking, Courtney Stodden threw a party at a strip club and made out with other women as a way to celebrate the end of her controversial marriage.

Courtney claims that despite the divorce, she and Doug Hutchison are still very close. The formerly married couple are currently working on a movie together, and Stodden said that because of their work, she and Doug talk on the phone every day.

“My friends are the ones who put [the party] together for me. It’s titled a ‘Divorce Party,’ but personally I’ve been going through a lot,” Courtney Stodden toldUs Weekly. “A split is really hard. Doug and I are on really good terms but it’s just hard, you know, because we’re trying to hang on to our friendship because we are best friends and we don’t want to part in a disastrous Hollywood way.”

Courtney Stodden married Doug Hutchison when she was just 16-years-old. After previous separations and a heartbreaking miscarriage, Courtney and Doug split for good earlier this year following six years of marriage. Courtney ultimately blamed their divorce on the huge age difference between herself and Doug.

“I got married when I was 16 and he was kind of more than just a husband to me, he was a lot. He was there for me when most of my family wasn’t and was just a rock in my life.”

It turns out that Courtney Stodden’s divorce, as heartbreaking as it may have been for her, was also a wild celebration. The animal activist spent a night partying it up at the Crazy Horse in Las Vegas. She had a divorce cake that was split down the middle with a Courtney Stodden topper on one side and a Doug Hutchison topper on the other.

Things got so crazy at Courtney Stodden’s divorce party that she was even photographed in a liplock with Frenchy Morgan.

“I just went along to say hi and things got a little bit crazy,” Frenchy told the Sun.

Frenchy Morgan is known most recently for her participation in Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. She recently told the Sun that she is in talks to join the cast of Love Island. The only hitch is that she will have to find a partner. According to Frenchy, she’s open to both male or female partners to join her. It looks like she might be eyeballing Courtney Stodden as a possible match based on her female companion preferences.

“I love girls with a Barbie look… who is also young – between 18 and 28…,” Frenchy said. “I would love to find someone like me – hot, sexy, funny, independent, high maintenance and ambitious.”

Will there be more makeout sessions between Courtney Stodden and Frenchy Morgan in their near future? It’s time to start paying attention to that Love Island lineup to be sure.

Courtney Stodden’s divorce party turned out to be a huge hit at the Crazy Horse in Las Vegas. It looks like Courtney may have partied really hard all night long because the next day she posted this picture to Instagram.

Obviously, it came as a surprise to no one that Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison’s marriage ended in divorce. Now that Courtney is single and ready to mingle, what lies next in her love life and career? Tell us what you think Courtney should do now that she’s no longer married in the comments section below.

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