Haunted Mansion Restaurant Rumored To Be Built In Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World

Disney is always looking for new ways to enhance the experiences of their theme park guests, and there is little doubt that themed restaurants end up doing just that. There are always rumors that brand new experiences will be built, but one can only wait until something happens to know for sure. If the latest rumor of a Haunted Mansion-themed restaurant being built in the Magic Kingdom ends up being true, Walt Disney World would not only enhance it but make many people very happy.

Less than two years ago, Magic Kingdom opened up a new dining location called the Jungle Skipper Canteen Restaurant which is based on the popular Jungle Cruise attraction. Later this month, a new Avatar-themed land is opening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with a Star Wars-themed land and Toy Story Land heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the coming years.

Disney is no stranger to creating new experiences based on popular attractions, rides, and movies. If this latest rumor reported by Orlando Weekly ends up coming true, it would bring a new dining experience that would be like no other.

walt disney world magic kingdom rumors haunted mansion restaurant

According to the report, Disney is seriously contemplating building a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom that would be themed after the iconic Haunted Mansion attraction. Not much is known about how all of this would come about, but the possibilities are quite endless.

In late 2014, Disney took an old gift and candle shop in Liberty Square and completely transformed it for the Haunted Mansion. Memento Mori, as it is now called, sells a ton of Haunted Mansion merchandise and sees more business than ever before. It is located right outside the entrance of the attraction and is conveniently located where guests have no choice but to walk by it.

The rumor started in the WDWMagic forums by a user known as “WDW1974” and he is someone who has been quite accurate over the years in the news he receives from sources. His latest post touches on different rumors and news going around the Disney world as of later, but the Haunted Mansion restaurant idea really stands out.

First, he clears up some information about the recently revealed Club 33 locations coming to Walt Disney World, and then, he confirms a Haunted Mansion dining location.

“…but just want to make sure I was very clear that the Club 33s coming to WDW will simply be small upscale private bars at first. No gourmet restaurants…. And before Tom Amity decides to break news that was broken here a long time ago, let me again spell out that a new Haunted Mansion eating venue/experience is coming to the MK, despite the mixed reviews of the Skipper Canteen.”

As you can see, there are not a lot of details to be had as of yet. This should still be taken as a rumor, but the forum user has been correct many times in the past, and it isn’t as if a Haunted Mansion restaurant wouldn’t do well.

walt disney world magic kingdom rumors haunted mansion restaurant

Skipper Canteen has had mixed reviews during its short operation so far, and it has even undergone menu changes twice. Still, it may be a good guide as to what a Haunted Mansion restaurant could look like as Skipper Canteen is modeled almost identically to the Jungle Cruise ride.

There’s no real word or idea on where the new dining location would be built or how big it would be. Nothing is known as to whether it would be a quick-service or table-service location either. This is all still very early and still rumored until Disney says anything officially, so, only time will tell.

The Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular attractions in any Disney Park and was even one of the first attractions to receive the movie treatment back in 2003. Talk is still ongoing about a Haunted Mansionremake with Guillermo del Toro as director, but that remains to be seen as well.

Believe it or not, Magic Kingdom actually doesn’t have a lot of restaurant options, and some of the locations that are in place are quite small. It would be great for Walt Disney World to add another table-service option or two, but even just one would be sufficient if it is a Haunted Mansion-themed restaurant. While these are just rumors for now, the original source usually has a good track record, and it could lead to a spooky dining experience in the future.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]