Patrick Swayze's Wife Is Auctioning Off Dead Actor's Teeth, Chemo Wig, And More, And It's Creeping Fans Out

Amy Feinstein

When a beloved celebrity like Patrick Swayze dies young, it is not uncommon for the estate to auction off memorabilia. However, Swayze's widow, Lisa Niemi, has taken it to a new level, selling off very personal items like the late actor's teeth and his X-rays after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She is claiming that she is doing these things for his fans so that they can feel close to him, but many of those who admired Patrick Swayze find this all a bit creepy and macabre.

Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer and is among a handful of celebrities that seemed to die young of lingering illnesses, including Glenn Frey of the Eagles, who died at 67, reports the Inquisitr. Frey had been struggling with intestinal issues for some time and had had several surgeries to try to combat these problems. After his last surgery, he developed pneumonia and died soon after. Although Frey was a beloved musician and there are Eagles fans all over the world, his personal items have stayed with his family.


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Patrick Swayze's niece Danielle Swayze, who has gone public with her disdain for her aunt, thinks this is just a money grab. Danielle doesn't understand because Niemi was left with more money than she could ever spend. Danielle Swayze wants to stop the auction.

"I promise I will tear your world down 10x harder than you did to ours. Rage at an insipid t**t who has milked my family's name and squeezed every last penny she possible could. Family possessions should stay with family…Are you f*****g kidding me? How much more money do you possible need?"

Lisa Niemi was left the entirety of Patrick Swayze's estate, which is thought to be over $40 million. Lisa Niemi said that she put these "treasures" aside for his family, but they didn't want them.

"Actually, months ago I offered items to them."

Lisa Niemi has remarried, and Swayze's family is puzzled at why she would sell teeth, hair, and even Swayze's wallet with his credit cards now, which will likely yield only $300,000. Danielle says the family was never notified.

"Another public LIE to cover her own a**. Almost 8 years have gone by and neither her, nor one of her 'representatives' have EVER tried contacting us! … STOP LYING!!!"

Swayze's wife says that the bright spot after Patrick Swayze's death was the thought that she could share pieces of him with his fans.

"There was one bright spot in the whole thing. I kept saying to myself, 'Someday I am going to share all these wonderful items of Patrick's. That was the thing that kept me going…that I would be able to share Patrick's incredible life with other people.'"

Do you think auctioning off such personal items belonging to Patrick Swayze is thoughtful or creepy?

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