Princess Charlotte Turns Two, All Ready For Pippa Middleton’s Wedding As Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Fly

Princess Charlotte is getting ready to be in the spotlight at Pippa Middleton’s wedding. Her birthday portrait is “too cute for words, But” and it’s so obvious that kate Middleton’s adorable daughter is going to be the star of the show as she walks up the aisle as her Aunt Pippa’s tiny bridesmaid.

In the portrait, the toddler is definitely channeling her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Hollywood Life wrote that Charlotte is smiling in a “we are not amused” kind of way, and the youngest royal looks exactly like a whole line of royals, including Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton and Prince William’s son, Prince George.


Some Middleton fans think that Princess Charlotte looks more like Pippa Middleton than like her grandmother.


In the photo, taken by her mother, Kate Middleton, Charlotte actually seems to be quietly enjoying some outdoor time with Kate, despite the not-quite-smile on her little face. The Sun wrote that Princess Charlotte’s yellow sweater with blue sheep keeps her warm against any spring chill, and a matching blue clip keeps her growing hair off her face.

Kate and William are very careful when it comes to their children’s privacy. They want to give George and Charlotte and a probable third royal baby as normal a childhood as possible. The rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant for the third time are ongoing, and royal fans can’t wait for confirmed news.


Middleton has become something of a mothering icon after impressing everyone with her parenting style.


There are already bets being made that Kate Middleton is pregnant, or that she will be pregnant very soon. If Middleton does decide to become pregnant in 2017, she’ll be under a lot of pressure handling another of her notoriously difficult pregnancies as well as her increased royal duties.

Kate and Prince William are moving to Kensington Palace in the fall so that they are closer to the center of royal business.

If Kate Middleton is pregnant, Princess Charlotte will have much less attention from her mother because Middleton suffers extreme morning sickness during pregnancy.
Kate Middleton and Prince William are moving their family to Kensington Palace as their official royal engagements increase. [Image by Andrew Milligan/Getty Images]

Kate’s devoted parenting shows in the way Charlotte and George behave in public. For a two-year-old, Charlotte appears to be entirely self-possessed, just like her mom. That’s a good thing for a young princess, especially coming up to Pippa Middleton’s wedding when she will have to be a total professional.

Judging by the glimpses of Charlotte with Kate, Prince William, and Prince George when the family is out on royal engagements and this she’s more than ready for the job. Pippa and her fiance, James Matthews, are doing their part to prepare for the wedding.

According to the Daily Mail, Pippa and James are taking marriage preparation classes through the Church of England. Kate Middleton’s sister is chatting with a counselor about issues like in-laws and family as well as “sex, communication, children, coping with conflict and money.”

The royal family is on good terms with the Middletons, but when your sister is married to the future King of England, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you learn as much as possible about getting along with the in-laws.

Kate Middleton is reportedly doing her best to support her only sister while also trying to keep the attention on the bride instead of on herself. The Irish Independent reported that Kate wasn’t even there to help out when Pippa Middleton threw a “lavish pre-wedding party.”

If kate middleton is pregnant again, Pippa will be there for her, but Princess Kate can't always support Pippa.
Kate and Pippa Middleton are very close, but Princess Kate can't always be there for Pippa. [Image by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]

It was a girls-only gathering for 24 of her closest friends, and normally the bride’s sister would be an important guest and would help with the hosting. Kate Middleton was conspicuously absent from the good times.

Kate can’t show her face in public without drawing dozens of paparazzi and fans with camera phones, so there are good reasons why she would avoid occasions like Pippa’s party. The situation has to be tough for both sisters though.


Kate Middleton is so busy in her role as Duchess of Cambridge that she also doesn’t have a lot of time for hen parties and wedding planning. She has to make an official visit to Luxembourg only days before Pippa’s wedding, a time when she probably wants to be helping Pippa and making sure Princess Charlotte is ready for the limelight on the big day.

However, Princess Kate is nothing if not responsible, and Princess Charlotte is already showing signs of following in her mother’s footsteps.

What do you think? Will Princess Charlotte steal the show at Pippa Middleton’s wedding?

[Featured Image by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge/Getty Images]