World War 3 News: Kim Jong-un Vows To Destroy US Submarine, Donald Trump Calls Him ‘Smart Cookie’

Military tensions between North Korea and the United States are escalating with each passing day. Earlier this week, President Trump talked about his take on the Korean peninsula and their dictator, Kim Jong-un, who, after allegedly claiming to possess the hydrogen bomb, has now threatened to destroy an American naval submarine if the U.S. army gets any closer.

In April, North Korea’s state-run newspaper claimed that their ruler possesses the most powerful weapon of all. The thermonuclear weapon is currently aimed at North America and several Southeast countries. After making these alleged claims, North Korea went on to test its missiles. However, the missile tests were a failure, but it proved that Kim Jong-un does not wish to listen to the United Nation and will not stop testing his missiles.

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As the tension between North Korea and the United States has increased, many believe it will lead to World War 3. The USS Michigan, an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine, was sent by the U.S. to a naval base in Busan, South Korea. According to a report from the Daily Mail, the nuclear-powered submarine was recently joined by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group.

After the report of America’s naval submarines docking in South Korea surfaced, North Korea’s propaganda website Uriminzokkiri warned that if America’s USS Michigan tries to “budge even a little, it will be doomed to face the miserable fate of becoming an underwater ghost.”

“The urgent fielding of the nuclear submarine in the waters off the Korean Peninsula timed to coincide with the deployment of the super aircraft carrier strike group, is intended to further intensify military threats toward our republic,” the website further claimed.

Not only this, but Urminizokkiri also warned that if things get out of hands, they will not be afraid to even sink the USS Carl Vinson.

“Whether it’s a nuclear aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine, they will be turned into a mass of scrap metal in front of our invincible military power centered on the self-defense nuclear deterrence.”

The warnings from North Korea’s newspapers and propaganda website came after the United States sent its troops to Australia and South Korea.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump talked about Kim Jong-un and how he thinks that the North Korean dictator is a “pretty smart cookie.”

“I can tell you this, and a lot of people don’t like when I say it, but he was a young man of 26 or 27 when he took over from his father when his father died,” said Trump during his interview with John Dickerson’s Face the Nation. “He’s dealing with obviously very tough people, in particular, the generals and others.”

donald trump kim jong un smart cookie interview
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President Trump went on to praise Kim Jong-un by saying the North Korean leader was very young when he took over the regime after his father’s death and that he might have dealt with many people who could have tried to take away his power.

“A lot of people, I’m sure, tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. And he was able to do it. So obviously, he’s a pretty smart cookie,” President Trump added.

This is apparently not the first time when President Trump has openly talked about Kim Jong-un. Prior to his appearance on Face the Nation, he gave an interview to Reuters in which he said that Kim Jong-un got the responsibilities at a very young age, and the job of ruling the entire country gave him a lot to consider.

“You know you have plenty of generals in there and plenty of other people that would like to do what he’s doing. So I’ve said this before and I’ve, I’m just telling you, and I’m not giving him credit or not giving him credit. I’m just saying that’s a very hard thing to do,” President Trump said.

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