June 29, 2017
'Teen Mom 2' Jeremy Calvert Reportedly Cheated On Brooke Wehr With Her Best Friend

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr called off their engagement earlier this year amid allegations of cheating and now, fans are learning more about what may have led to their split.

In February of this year, just months after the couple became engaged during a family trip to Ocean City, Maryland, Wehr took to Instagram to proclaim that the Teen Mom 2 dad had cheated on her with numerous women, including one of the producers of the reality show.

Although Jeremy Calvert denied the allegations at the time, telling fans that his former fiancée was just "crazy," he is now being faced with new allegations of cheating.

On April 29, In Touch Weekly magazine shared a report and screenshot which allegedly proved Calvert had been cheating on Wehr with her best friend, Leeann Chappell, for the entirety of their relationship.

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"Here's part of the truth since everybody wants to call me a liar and cheater and everything else," Brooke Wehr wrote in the caption of her photo post. "Here's a screenshot between my best f***ing friend Leeann and Jeremy who had been hooking up behind my back the whole f***ing time we were together. Sucks that I just found this out. These two sorry excuses for human beings are literally the scum of the earth."

In the screenshot, someone was seen threatening to tell Wehr about their relationship. In response, the recipient of the message labeled the person a "f***ing coward."

Because Chappell was tagged in Wehr's post, she received tons of backlash from Wehr's fans and fans of Teen Mom 2 and ultimately deleted her account altogether.

According to In Touch Weekly magazine, Wehr appeared to post the screenshot in response to a previous post of her and another man, which reportedly accused Wehr of cheating on Jeremy Calvert.

As for Calvert, he didn't directly name Wehr in a response post but he did post a meme that spoke about "taking the high road" and told fans, "So glad I didn't mess up again and rolled out. Timing was perfect."

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Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr did get back together briefly after their split in February but ultimately went their separate ways. Months later, Jeremy Calvert was seen out with his former wife, Leah Messer, and rumors began swirling in regard to their potential reunion.

In response to the speculation, Jeremy Calvert spoke to The Ashley's Reality Roundup about his night out with Messer and confirmed that the outing was not planned and insisted they are not rekindling their relationship.

"This past weekend, I went to the bar by myself because basically everyone in town was at a concert that was going on in Charleston," Jeremy Calvert told The Ashley. "After the concert, everyone started coming into the bar including my friends and Leah and her friends. It wasn't planned or anything, it just happened we went to the same place. So everyone told us to take a picture together. So we did and we posted it."

Jeremy Calvert went on to reveal that while his former fiancée, Brooke Wehr, wasn't happy to see him spending time with Messer, he didn't see anything wrong with their photos.

"I was single, so I didn't see anything wrong with taking an innocent photo with my ex-wife," he said. "We have a child together, and we're not going to start screaming at each other or anything. We get along and we act like mature adults for our kid."

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