Is Angelina Jolie’s Divorce Being Stalled? Report Claims Actress ‘Keeps Tabs’ On Brad Pitt [Debunked]

Angelina Jolie’s divorce with Brad Pitt seem to be taking a long time to conclude, causing some to wonder: Is the UN Ambassador dragging it out?

The Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt divorce has become prey to Internet sensationalism ever since the former Hollywood couple called it quits in 2016 and it’s not about to stop soon. In fact, a recent report from gossip website Hollywood Life is now claiming how the 41-year-old mother-of-six is “dragging out” her divorce from Pitt in order to extend her hold on him.

According to the article’s source, Angelina is keeping tabs on her estranged husband to the point that she keeps his name on Google alert.

“Angelina wants to know exactly what Brad is up to at all times. To say she isn’t able to move on would be an understatement.”

The source further explained that the actress-turned-filmmaker feels awful that Brad is allowed to see their children again and that she wanted to be in full control of all of them—Brad and the kids alike—to the point that Angelina Jolie’s divorce with him is being dragged out.

“It kills her that he’s now seeing the kids again, she wants them all to herself, but has to abide by the law,” the unnamed source claims.

“She wants to drag out the divorce for as long as possible, so she still has some hold over him, she likes to always be in control and she knows that once the divorce is finalized she will have no hold over him anymore.”

On top of that, the insider suggested how she is devastated that Brad didn’t fight for her more and that the divorce didn’t result to what she expected.

“It’s pretty sad really, seeing as she was the one who wanted the divorce in the first place. I suspect that she was actually shocked he didn’t try and fight more for her, her whole plan pretty much backfired,” the source said of Angelina Jolie’s divorce with Brad Pitt.

Of course, these are words from someone who was not only hidden under the cloak of mystery and an outlet that has a reputation for making up stories, according to the Gossip Cop.

Debunking the article, the fact-checking website revealed that the actress is not stalling as confirmed to them by “a trustworthy source” close to the actress who further clarified that such claims about Angelina Jolie’s divorce with the Allied actor was “absurd.”

To top that off, Gossip Cop also noted how Hollywood Life reported another article that falsely assumes what the estranged couple feels about each other, particularly the one published on Sunday claiming that Angelina feels “terrified” about Brad “dating again.”

According to the fact checker, the article was “fake news” and that the UN Ambassador has “other concerns” to think about and is “not focused” on her ex’s romantic life. The Gossip Cop recalled several other baseless articles from the outlet when debunking this particular fake news including one that claims how Angelina is dating Jared Leto as well the ones that romantically linked Brad to Kate Hudson.

This goes to show how Angelina Jolie’s divorce with Brad Pitt has become a victim of Internet sensationalism as both parties are popular and had been one of the most admired marriages prior to the alleged altercation between the Allied actor and their eldest son, 15-year-old Maddox.

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According Angelina-Brad divorce timelines, the violent encounter between father and son launched the divorce case filed by the UN Ambassador against the World War Z filmmaker. On top of that, Maddox appeared to be in the worst of terms with Brad as he previously refused to see his adoptive father for over a month following the launch of the divorce case, according to an October 2016 article from E!.

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