June 29, 2017
Pregnant Beyonce's Face Looks Different And Fans Are Freaking Out

Beyonce recently showed off her majestic baby bump in a regal red gown, but some of Queen Bey's fans had a hard time focusing on her gorgeous dress and floral crown: They were too distracted by the "Flawless" singer's pregnancy face.

On Saturday, Beyonce supported the woman who blessed the world with her existence by attending her mother Tina Knowles Lawson's inaugural Wearable Art Gala. She turned the outing into a family affair by inviting husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy to join her at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles. According to E! News, Beyonce rocked a $1,395 STELLO "Aurora" gown that put her cleavage on full display, and she accessorized her look with an elaborate headdress adorned with flowers, bedazzled butterflies, and diamante-studded dragonflies.

Many of Beyonce's Twitter followers had strong reactions to her look, but they were more focused on her face than her wearable art. Some were shocked by how different her face looks, and they began speculating that the heavily pregnant singer has recently had some work done. They also mistook Bey for other fierce female celebrities, including Ciara and Chrissy Teigen.

"Why does beyonce's face look so different? like... more round and like a bratz doll," @bleachwood tweeted.

"So did Beyonce get work done or.... cause this isn't the face I know," wrote @l0velystephey_.

"Ok I know Beyoncé has picked up pregnancy weight in the face but her lips look like she's gotten injections or something," @millikay_ commented.

The Beyhive quickly jumped to Beyonce's defense. Some of her fans argued that the explanation for her altered appearance is her pregnancy, and they praised her for having a pretty "pregnant face."

"Y'all: 'that doesn't look like Beyoncé!' Well duh. Her lips swollen, her face big, her nose spread....it's called: pregnancy," tweeted @TavySmiley.

"Beyoncé has a fuller nose due to the pregnancy.. her whole face is full! she looks so good," @tamerraaaaa wrote.

These fans are right about pregnancy changing a woman's face. Aesthetic practitioner Dr. Nestor Demosthenous told the Daily Mail that Beyonce's plumped-up pout is most likely the result of fluid retention, a side effect of pregnancy that many women experience during their third trimester. According to Mamamia, hormonal changes cause shifts in the amount of fluid that the body retains. Women can also retain fluid in their face, which may explain why some fans think that Beyonce's queenly countenance looks a bit puffy. It's also possible that the weight she's put on during her pregnancy has made her face a little fuller.

Some Beyonce fans are also commenting on her facial expression in the Wearable Art Gala photo. They believe that she looks slightly uncomfortable, but one Twitter user joked that her expression took years off her appearance.

According to People, Beyonce's due date may be sometime this month. The Beyhive began buzzing about the possibility of the twins arriving in May after Queen Bey stepped out wearing a massive emerald sparkler in place of her engagement ring. The emerald is the birthstone for May, so some fans believe that the bling was a premature "push present" from Jay-Z commemorating their babies' birth date.

Beyonce may look ready to pop, but she hasn't let being pregnant and uncomfortable stop her from having a good time. According to Us Weekly, she attended Jessica Alba's Prince vs. Michael Jackson-themed birthday bash on Friday, and Queen Bey even wore a costume inspired by the King of Pop: A silver jacket and a black fedora. She and Jay-Z spent their Sunday afternoon at the Clippers game in Los Angeles, where a smiling Jay was photographed lovingly placing his hand on Bey's baby bump.

Beyonce's former Destiny's Child bandmate, Kelly Rowland, also attended the Wearable Art Gala on Saturday, and she told Entertainment Tonight that Bey likes her friends to treat her like she's not lugging two tiny humans around whenever she goes out.

"She likes to have fun," Rowland said. "So we're not treating her like a pregnant lady! She likes to have fun!"


So while Beyonce might look a bit uncomfortable in some of her photos, don't worry: She's actually having a blast while she waits for her babies to arrive.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS]