Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Movie: Northridge, California, Free Advance Screening In May

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel IT, which is, by this point, getting to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year, is going to be having another top-secret free screening, courtesy of ticket agency 1 Iota, in Northridge, California, on May 17. Details about the movie are obviously still being kept under raps, but the fact that the screening is happening tells those following the Stephen King-inspired flick some exciting things about what they can expect.

The upcoming screening, while not the first one 1 Iota has organized, is definitely going to be the most important one. The Inquisitr reported in December about another screening that happened at the time. At that point, the producers probably wanted the opinions of a few Stephen King fans so they could decide what to reshoot. Now that nearly five months have passed, the team behind the New Line Cinemas’ production probably have a tentative final cut of the film and need to run it by a test audience to make sure there are no last-minute changes that need to be made.

That means that a lucky audience will be treated to a free viewing of a heavily-hyped blockbuster set to come out in less than four months. IT is set to come out on September 8. They will even get to give feedback, thereby making their mark on what will no doubt be one of the top horror movies of 2017. Stephen King fans, movie aficionados, and really anyone who likes to be entertained will surely jump at that chance.

Although the movie is sure to be much more formed than it was back in December, though, it will also be a lot harder to get into. As stated, the adaption of Stephen King’s IT has really taken off in the past months. Maybe it is because of the success of Stephen King homage TV series Stranger Things, maybe it is because of the real-life creepy clown sightings that happened last year, and maybe it is because of people’s nostalgia for the 1990 miniseries starring Tim Curry as Pennywise, but the buzz surrounding IT this far before release has been unlike that surrounding any other movie in recent memory.

Before the teaser trailer for the movie came out at the end of March, for example, several critics were given the opportunity to view it and write descriptions of it online. The descriptions excited communities across the web, making their way to major entertainment news sources like Screen Rant. Just a textual description of the the teaser garnered mass media attention. That is truly insane, and it shows how incredible the hype for the film is.

When the trailer actually did come out, it almost immediately became the most viewed movie trailer ever, attracting nearly 250 million views in the first 36 hours alone.

The point is, the movie is very, very in-demand. Even though fans have to make their way to Northridge, a community in northern Los Angeles, to attend the screening, many people are likely to travel even thousands of miles if needed if they should be chosen to attend.

Luckily, those who apply for tickets can apply for two rather than just one, so they won’t have to leave their dates at home if they are selected.

Applicants have to go to the event’s page on 1 Iota’s site by clicking here. They will be asked to specify their reason for wanting to see the film as well as their ethnicity. Their information will be saved, and in several days, 1 Iota will review the applications to decide who gets the tickets.

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The man responsible for this cinematic giant, author Stephen King. [Image by Mark Lennihan/AP Images]

Of course, those who view the advance screening will have to sign an agreement forbidding them to talk about it, but a chance to experience a huge Stephen King movie over four months before your friends and family is still pretty sweet.

[Featured Image by Caseycallenderart/Deviant Art]