Florida Woman Allegedly Accepts Chicken McNuggets As Payment For Sex

A destitute Florida resident stands accused of offering herself sexually to an undercover police officer for $25 and an order of Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s.

The New York Post reports that 22-year-old Alex Direeno was booked on prostitution and drug paraphernalia charges last Tuesday for the illicit incident, which reportedly occurred after Direeno first, unknowingly, approached a detective from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office outside of a Bradenten gas stop.

“Direeno waved at an undercover detective with the sheriff’s office Special Investigations Division who was talking to another woman,” the Miami Herald further details.

“The detective told the other woman he was there to pick up Direeno, and Direeno got into his car.”

Once they drove off, Direeno apparently told the law officer that she would perform an X-rated favor on him for $25. After haggling the asking price for a time, Direeno reportedly demanded that on top of the money, she also wanted an order of Chicken McNuggets from a nearby McDonald’s establishment for the sexual act.

The cop supposedly agreed to her terms and continued driving toward an assumed destination point, before heading to a secret location where other officers of the Manatee County’s Sheriff’s Office were lying in wait to arrest Direeno.

chicken mcnuggets sex

As of Sunday evening, she was still being held in the Manatee County Jail on a $650 bond.

During a police search of Direeno’s purse, officers claimed to have found two hypodermic needles, several small clear bags, a spoon and a burnt glass pipe, which is “consistent with either heroin or crack cocaine use,” the Herald went to to explain, before providing the following tidbit:

“[The specific amount of] Chicken Nuggets [requested by Direen] was not included in the [police] report.”

Incidentally, Chicken McNuggets are not the only form of “tender” from the McDonald’s menu that has been used to pay for sex in the past.

As mentioned on the Inquisitr back in November 2016, Wyoming resident David Mangus tried to bribe a prostitute on Backdoor — a similar site to Craigslist — with a Quarter Pounder with cheese combination meal, as payment for the services she offered on the online marketplace, which she accepted.

Likewise to Direeno’s situation, nonetheless, Mangus unknowingly had made the “extra value” deal with an officer of the law.

“Mangus was arrested when he arrived to meet the supposed hooker,” website The Smoking Gun wrote, “[and]was carrying [the] bag with the McDonald’s grub when undercover officers took him into custody.”

Mangus was charged with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor in the state, and ultimately released on bail.

Ever stranger, however, is what one lonely man physically did to the “sister” sandwich of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, the McChicken, in a viral video that has popped up on the internet several times throughout the past year.

As also previously shared on both the Inquisitr and Snopes, the appearance of the hashtag “#McChicken” on Twitter in August of 2016 wasn’t a promotion of the fast food item, but a shocking visual of an unknown male using the sandwich as a makeshift sex toy.

chicken mcnuggets sex

“The viral hashtag and topic stemmed from a video depicting what appeared to be a man graphically engaged in a sex act with a McChicken sandwich,” the latter publication remarked.

“The explicit content of the video meant that the McChicken trend soon became sort of [like an] online game of Whack-a-Mole,” Snopes went on to say, “where users of social networks eagerly sought the clip out, only to express firm regret they did so.”

Reps for McDonald’s could not be reached for comment on the Florida woman’s Chicken McNuggets situation or the McChicken sex video.

[Featured Image by Manatee County Jail]