New MacBook Pro 2017 Rumors: Better Battery, More RAM, Power, And A Reasonable Starting Price

The MacBook Pro received a massive update late last year, debuting a new design and innovative features such as the Touch Bar. Considering the age of the device, rumors are high that Apple would not be implementing massive changes on the MacBook Pro this year. Thus, there is a good chance that the 2017 iteration of the powerful laptop would most likely feature simple spec bumps, including a better battery and more memory. Some changes in the machine’s starting prices might also be implemented for the 2017 MacBook Pro.

The 2016 MacBook Pro, for all its power and innovative features, still ended up as a polarizing device. Equipped with rather outdated processors, limited memory, a moody battery and an extremely high price tag, the MacBook Pro 2016 appeared inadequate in several key areas. Needless to say, many longtime MacBook Pro fans took issue with the laptop and its capabilities. If rumors are any indication, however, it appears that this year’s versions of the device would be a lot more refined.

Improvements on the processor of the MacBook Pro 2017 are all but guaranteed, especially since Intel’s Kaby Lake chips are already available in the market. An upgrade to the updated processors would do the MacBook Pro 2017 a lot of good, especially since one of the 2016 machine’s main flaws were centered on the device’s outdated chips. Fitted with Intel’s 7th-generation processors, the MacBook Pro 2017 would most likely be able to give ample performance even among the most demanding users.

Coupled with the Kaby Lake rumors are speculations stating that the MacBook Pro 2017 would finally be released with a 32GB RAM option, according to a MacWorld report. The 2016 MacBook Pro was criticized widely by power users during its launch, partly due to its limited 16GB of non-upgradable memory. With a 32GB RAM option, users who engage in heavy graphical tasks and high-resolution video editing would be able to do their work without any problems.

Yet another improvement that is widely rumored for the MacBook Pro 2017 is centered on the device’s battery. Just like the machine’s RAM, the battery of the 2016 MacBook Pro has been sharply criticized by users of the device, with many stating that it lacks the endurance that has become characteristic of Apple devices such as the MacBook Air. With the 2017 iteration of the MacBook Pro, however, Apple could implement improvements on the laptop’s battery unit.

While leaks about the MacBook Pro 2017’s battery are very scarce, rumors are already high that Apple has figured out a way to place more battery cells in limited spaces. For the iPhone 8, speculations state that the upcoming flagship smartphone would utilize a stacked battery design, which would allow the device to be equipped with a larger power cell. With regards to the MacBook Pro 2017, Apple could utilize a similar strategy, stacking the laptop’s battery cells to give the device more endurance.

Perhaps the most welcome rumors about the MacBook Pro 2017, however, are related to the laptop’s price. The 2016 MacBook Pro series is not affordable at all, with even the low-power, entry-level version of the device costing far more than the MacBook Air, the machine that it was supposed to be replacing. Apple fans in online forums such as Reddit have weighed in on the pricing of the 2017 MacBook Pro, with many stating that a possible price drop for the non-Touch Bar model is extremely popular among fans of the Cupertino-based tech giant.

With Apple seemingly retiring the MacBook Air, the tech giant is practically removing the only sub-$1,000 laptop from its product lineup. Considering that the non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro was pitched as a replacement for the MacBook Air, a price drop for the entry-level Pro unit would definitely make sense. If Apple could implement these changes, there is an excellent chance that the MacBook Pro 2017 would be a lot more successful than its predecessor among critics and users alike.

[Featured Image by Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Images]