June 29, 2017
Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Back Together? Not Quite, Carey's Most Diva Moment According To Cannon

Mariah Carey has had an active love life over the past year that has resulted in an engagement, a broken engagement, a relationship with her handsome backup dancer Bryan Tanaka, followed by that too fizzling swiftly. Through it all, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have remained completely amicable while they co-parent their adorable twins.

Although the two have seemed to be moving on in their respective love lives, seeing as Mariah has been engaged and linked to a couple men and Cannon recently welcomed a new little one into the world with Brittany Bell, his former girlfriend, new reports are continuously making the rounds that Carey and Cannon are on the road to full reconciliation.

News about the former couple possibly being back together began shortly after the demise of Mariah's relationship with Bryan Tanaka. Cannon was obviously not a fan of the romance and even made it known that he thought the whole relationship between the two was bogus. When the American's Got Talent host was on Howard Stern's radio show, he shared his negative view of the relationship and reality television in general.

Us Weekly notes the words of Cannon when he visited Stern's show.

"First of all, I think the whole reality show is fake. I'm a producer, so I know how [it works]. Like, you can't have a well-lit private conversation. Like, that s**t doesn't happen... I don't buy none of that s**t... I don't even get into it. It feels like they wrote the story. That s**t is like a soap opera."
It's clear that Cannon did not buy that relationship for a minute and seeing as the union seemed to fizzle only weeks after the reality show, Mariah's World, came to a close, there has been speculation that the romance was simply put on for the cameras and was a publicity stunt following Mariah having been dumped by billionaire James Packer.

Since Tanaka and Carey parted ways romantically, Cannon and Carey have been spotted out and about more often than ever following their divorce being finalized. The former couple has been seen out on dinner dates and have posted snaps to social media cozied up together with their children. So what is the real story? Are they back on?

Nick Cannon was questioned while he and Mariah were exiting a restaurant together recently regarding what the diva means to him, and his words caused fans and media to continue to speculate that the exes are back on. The Inquisitr noted the words spoken about his status with Carey.
"Carey and Cannon stepped out together for dinner in Beverly Hills. As they left a restaurant, paparazzi shouted questions about getting back together. Asked by a photographer if he and Carey are 'official,' the 'Wild N Out' host responded, 'We've always been official.' Cannon didn't elaborate."
Cannon clearly will always have love for the mother of his twins, and the host has no problem talking about Carey and her diva ways, which he obviously loves. Nick spoke about Mariah's most diva moment that he's ever witnessed.

When visiting The Wendy Williams Show, Cannon was asked by the host as to what the most diva thing Mariah has ever done, and Cannon relayed that it had to do with the birth of their children, twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Life & Style shares Cannon's quick response to the query.

"'Have twins,' Nick said when asked by the talk show host. 'She shut the whole hospital down!'"

As for the speculation swirling about he and Mariah, Cannon has shared that he and Mariah are not as close as what they are being made to be. Although they are amicable and spend lots of time together, they are not back on as a romantic couple, as the publication notes.

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