Kourtney Kardashian Back With Scott Disick After Raunchy Holiday Pics On Instagram?

Kourtney Kardashian was recently in the news for posting a lot of raunchy Instagram pictures, and now there are rumors that she is probably getting back with Scott Disick.

People has revealed that Scott Disick proposed to Kourtney Kardashian on an episode of the Keeping Up with Kardashians. He said that it seemed to have worked really well for them. "Aspen was really good. She usually doesn't want to ever go to dinner with me without the kids, so that seemed like a huge step in the right direction," Disick tells Kim and Khloé, People reported.

Scott went on to say that Kourtney agreed to go to Aspen with him, which he was really happy about. "Kourtney and I have been spending a lot more time together, so I decided to take her and the kids to Aspen and she agreed to go. So for me, that's a big thing," he explains.

He goes on to say that it was after a long time that Kourtney and family have gone on a trip like this. "At the end of the day, it was our first trip I've had in like a long time when we were like actually a family. It got to feel like it was like the old days. I'm happy." This is really good for Kourtney and Scott given that they still put up a united front for their family. The couple has three kids together, and they have always maintained that no matter what happens, they will always be there for their kids.

Scott Disick said that the two were not even talking to each other for a long time, but now the two have started to do that. "A year or so ago, I feel like there was a point where we didn't speak or see each other, so this feels good," he says about his ex. It seems like things are really changing for the two.

However, he went on to say that it was rather weird too. "It was really weird. I don't think we told anybody actually. It was somewhat cute and then we just got scared about like media and this and that," he explains. "And we were like, 'Let's just put the ring aside and we'll talk about it another day.' Never spoke about it again."

It's not clear if this has something to do with the fact that Kourtney Kardashian recently posted a lot of hot pictures of herself on Instagram. After all, Scott Disick has been very critical of Kourtney Kardashian's appearance in the past.

Scott Disick had said that Kourtney Kardashian looked like a drag queen, the Inquisitr had reported. "[Scott] often says [Kourtney] looks too masculine and even said she looked like a drag queen in her recent magazine shoot," the source quoted by Hollywood Gossip added.

"He's so cruel to Kourtney, it's unreal." That doesn't sound too good!

The sources went on to say that he criticizes her a lot behind her back and that he is very cruel. He went on to say that Kourtney Kardashian is trying too hard to look sexy behind her back. "Behind her back he's mean as hell, saying she's way too old for him now and trying way too hard to look sexy," the insider said.

However, her friends don't like the way it's going and say that Scott's not being fair on her. "Scott's such a douche, he'll never change," the source added.

Do you think Kourtney Kardashian should get back with Scott Disick? Do you think they are meant to be together? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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