Aaron Hernandez’s Rumored Prison Lover, Kyle Kennedy, Breaks His Silence, Requests Suicide Note And $47K Watch

Nearly two weeks after Arron Hernandez’s suicide death at a Massachusetts prison, the 27-year-old former New England Patriots tight end’s rumored prison lover, Kyle Kennedy, 22, breaks his silence, claiming that he wants Hernandez’s suicide note and a $47,000 watch that was promised to him, Radar Online reports.

“I miss my friend Aaron Hernandez,” said Hernandez’s alleged gay lover in a statement. “I’d like to send my condolences to his fiancée, his mother, and his daughter. I would ask the media to respect the privacy of my family. This is a private matter that doesn’t concern them.”

During a press conference on Wednesday at the Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Kennedy’s lawyer, Lawrence Army Jr., spoke about Hernandez’s relationship with Kennedy, but he was reluctant to go into great details.

“He wants those words to come directly from his mouth,” said Army, adding that he is “not at liberty to discuss the nature and extent of Kennedy and Hernandez’s relationship.”

Army did, however, read the first line of Hernandez’s letter that was addressed to Kennedy’s family in September 2016, which “speaks candidly of a close friendship and a mutual respect” that Kennedy and Hernandez had for one another.

“Mr. Kennedy, it’s Aaron. I’m writing to you, and Pure [Kennedy] doesn’t know. I wrote to him to let you know I wrote to you out of respect for him. He’s my brother and he always will be.”

Hernandez was serving a life sentence at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a former football player who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancé. That sentence was cut short when the former NFL star committed suicide in his prison cell.

Kennedy was placed on suicide watch after Hernandez’s suicide, which prohibited him from attending AA meetings, continuing his education, and congregating with his support staff and prison friends.

His attorney stated that he wanted to be placed back into the population and “he doesn’t feel like he should be placed on suicide watch” because of Hernandez’s suicide.

The former Patriot tight end purportedly left three hand-written suicide notes for his for his fiancé, four-year-old daughter, and Hernandez’s alleged prison boyfriend, who told his attorney that he “wouldn’t be surprised if synthetic drugs had something to do with this [Hernandez’s suicide] because that stuff is bad news.”

A toxicology test result, which was conducted during Hernandez’s autopsy, confirmed that he did not use any drugs prior to hanging himself with a bedsheet in his prison cell.

Drug allegations emerged after corrections officers uncovered “K2 and several homemade weapons” during a prison search last week.

Hernandez’s alleged gay lover relayed to his attorney that he and Hernandez spent a lot of time together in prison. Just three weeks before Hernandez’s suicide, he said the former NFL New England Patriots tight end hinted that he was going to commit suicide saying, “I think I’m going to hang it up” but Kennedy did not take him seriously.

When Kennedy learned of Hernandez’s suicide, he was stunned and thought the corrections officers were joking when they told him that the former NFL star had taken his own life. He now believes that he may have been the last person to see Hernandez alive.

“Aaron Hernandez was one of the most powerful forces as a person that he’s known,” Kennedy told his attorney. He went on to say that at some time in the future, he will personally reveal the “extent and nature of his relationship with Hernandez.”

“Any discussion relating to that relationship [Hernandez and Kennedy], will come directly from his mouth so that there is no confusion,” said Army during Wednesday’s press conference. “At no point and time has he been interviewed or asked any questions from any member of the media, personally, as it relates to his relationship with Aaron Hernandez.”

Kennedy is now asking to receive Hernandez’s suicide letters as he believes one of them was addressed to him. His attorney stated that he also wants a $47,000 watch that he was promised before Hernandez’s suicide death.

The watch was custom made and purchased in Las Vegas. Hernandez has the same watch, and he allegedly wanted to buy his rumored gay lover the same watch as a gift.

Hernandez’s rumored prison boyfriend stated that he was to receive the watch upon his release from prison, which could be next year.

[Featured Image by Northbridge Police Department and Mike George/AP Images]