June 29, 2017
'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 89 Preview: Tien's Insane Shoulders, Master Roshi's Evil Ki Just Made Fans Happy

The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 did a couple of very interesting things. For one, it reintroduced a couple of classic characters who were relevant back in the original DB and DBZ days of the long-running franchise. Also, it showed these two characters become formidable fighters as well, just like how fans remembered them from the good old Dragon Ball Z days. Needless to say, avid fans of the veteran franchise are extremely satisfied.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 is set to cover how Goku would recruit Tenshinhan to be among the fighters for the upcoming Tournament of Power. The last few weeks of DBS have mostly followed a particular format, with Goku going to a warrior, sparring with them for a bit before asking them to join the Universe 7 team. While the last few episodes that followed this format have been criticized by fans for being far too formulaic and slow-paced, the Dragon Ball Super Ep 89 preview appears to show that the episode would be a lot more exciting than its predecessors.

For one, the brief preview showed Tien, one of Goku's oldest allies, dealing with a supernatural threat to his dojo. The veteran triclops has apparently been busy teaching martial arts over the years, and his dojo has become quite successful. Unfortunately, Ep 89 would see the fighter deal with a possession problem, apparently thanks to a young girl who looks strangely like Goku's wife, Chi-Chi.

The preview for DBS Ep 89 showed a number of interesting scenes, from many possessed fighters taking over Tien's dojo and Master Roshi becoming possessed himself. Interestingly, the aged fighter appears to be incredibly strong, with the preview including a scene of Roshi fighting intensely with Goku in his base form. This scene has so far been appreciated by numerous fans of the anime in online forums such as Reddit, with many stating that Goku fighting against Master Roshi in his base form is one of the most notable dashes of logic the anime has depicted in recent weeks.

Notably, however, Master Roshi's appearance in the Episode 89 preview seems to show that the ancient fighter has been taken over by an evil spirit. Unfortunately for Tien and Goku, it appears that Master Roshi's evil ki would end up amplifying his power significantly, resulting in the ancient fighter becoming a legitimate threat. In the last few scenes of the Episode 89 preview, Tien was shown apparently supporting the walls of his dojo with his bare hands as the possessed Master Roshi stood contemptuously.

Numerous fans of the anime have taken a particular interest in the way that Tien was designed in the final scenes of the DBS Ep 89 preview. Over the course of Dragon Ball Super, longtime fans of the series have taken issue with the fact that Tien appears to be designed with a lot less mass than his appearance back in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. In the classic anime series, Tien had always been one of the most physically daunting characters in the franchise, with his gigantic shoulders and mountains upon mountains of muscle. With DBS, however, the character has been shown to be slimmer, which all but angered avid fans of the franchise.

If the Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 preview is any indication, however, it appears that the anime would be depicting Tien in his classic design, giant shoulders and mountains of muscle included. The final frames of the preview, for one, which seemingly featured Tien literally holding his dojo together, practically showed the character's exact template from back in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Super is steadily building up to the start of the Tournament of Power. With the Universe 7 team all but complete, it would only be a matter of weeks before the anime begins its most ambitious competition since the franchise debuted decades ago.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]