‘Southern Charm’: Is Landon Bitter This Season Because Ex-Husband Has Baby With New Partner?

Many Southern Charm fans are wondering if it’s jealousy that has Landon Clements behaving even more bitterly than usual this season, distancing herself not only from nemesis Kathryn Dennis, but also from her one time crush, Shep Rose. Kathryn has been consistent in her dislike for Landon, but it ramped up after Landon allegedly started a relationship with Kathryn’s ex, Thomas Ravenel.

But while Landon still seemed enamored with Shep Rose at the Southern Charm reunion in June, even after he told her he wasn’t interested, she has turned on him in a big way during Southern Charm Season 4, after he called her out for being elitist. But is it something from Landon’s past that is really bothering her this season, as she learned while shooting Southern Charm Season 4 that her ex-husband, James Maby, was expecting a son with his girlfriend, actress Kam Heskin?

With Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis having two children, Jennifer Snowden recently giving birth to baby Ascher, and now, Cameran Eubanks announcing that she is due in the fall with a baby girl, does Landon, now in her mid-30s, feel surrounded with friends having babies? Landon has expressed on Southern Charm that she wants children, but that it might not be in the cards for her.

At the Southern Charm reunion last year, Landon admitted to going on Kathryn’s Valentine’s Day trip with Thomas Ravenel to a bed and breakfast in Savannah, but insisted that they were “just friends,” as reported by the Inquisitr. But on Southern Charm Season 4, Thomas and Landon seem to have something going on, as last week, Landon served as hostess at a polo match at Ravenel’s plantation, with Kathryn’s children on-site. And previews show that Thomas, who told Landon that she is the idea of “his kind,” gets closer as the season progresses.

Landon started on Southern Charm fresh off a divorce from James Maby, who at the time, had a daughter with Clueless actress Stacey Dash. While Landon claimed in interviews that she left Maby, it was Maby, the sports marketing entrepreneur, that filed for divorce from Landon, who reportedly left the marriage with little more than a BMW, along with its lease payments.


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Landon and James Maby lived together in a million dollar house in Los Angeles, but she claims that one day, she just left the marriage.

“I was living the dream. We had a house in the [Hollywood] Hills, swimming pool, staff, the cars, the jewels. When I moved out of the house I pretty much just walked away from all of it.”

But sources close to the show say that things just don’t add up, and James Maby has not commented on why he filed for divorce from Landon.

But James Maby moved on and started dating actress Kam Heskin, and the two have been together since around 2013, soon after he divorced the Southern Charm star. And though Maby and Heskin are still not married, the two became parents to a baby boy in January. Heskin’s Twitter account mentions that a marriage may happen soon, and she recently posted about having a baby to overcome a commitment phobia.

, have a baby. Getting over commitment phobia 9 months at a time.”

Heskin had been posting photos of her pregnant body throughout the nine months, and a link was online for a baby registry under the names James Maby and Kam Heskin.

Southern Charm fans on Twitter seem to believe that there is something to the rumor that Landon might be jealous.

“Landon-UNBELIEVABLE! Immature jealous selfish No worries You’ll never find her reaching out a hand to help someone.”

And though Landon has claimed that Kathryn went to a certain rehab in order to meet rich men, it seems that Southern Charm fans think that it’s Landon that is the gold-digger.

“Landon is so jealous of Kathryn it makes her even more ugly. No one likes you so just walk away gold digger.”


While Landon continues to insist that she doesn’t understand why Kathryn dislikes her, Southern Charm fans think it’s clear.

“Landon is absolutely appalling. Honestly I think she’s just jealous of Kathryn.”

Why do you think Landon seems so bitter this season on Southern Charm, saying negative things about Kathryn and Shep? Do you think it’s jealousy?

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