Is There A ‘Back To The Future 4’? Fan Made Trailer Features Clips Of ‘BTTF’ Stars, Raises Hopes For Fake Film

Will Back to the Future 4 come gunning into the theaters at 88 mph anytime soon? More than likely, no.

However, that did not stop a fan made trailer for the “movie” from generating buzz online.

The clip, which was initially posted online by YouTube channel Smasher, makes it seem as if there really is going to be a Back to the Future 4 in development, even though it is apparently clear that the exact opposite is the case.

Perhaps the video title and format reels viewers and fans in, because it is worded similar to the way that official movie trailers on YouTube are worded. With the recent headlines of movie and TV reboots and adaptations circulating online, the idea of Back to the Future 4 being released in 2018 is not that difficult to believe.

When you add in footage of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox dressed as Doc Brown and Marty McFly, it definitely raises some eyebrows — especially when you realize that it is not footage from the original Back to the Future trilogy cut and edited to make it look like a new movie.

However, the truth is that the footage used in this fan made trailer featuring Christopher and Michael was simply commercials and advertisements in which the actors returned to their roles.

The most substantial footage from the fan made Back to the Future 4 trailer actually came from an Argentinian Electronics Store commercial. In that clip, an Argentinian couple are enjoying a romantic date night together until their evening is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the DeLorean, which essentially parks inside of a nearby electronics store.

In the Argentinian commercial, Christopher Lloyd emerges from the DeLorean as Doc Brown, looking as if he has just embarked on a brand new time travel adventure. Even the shakiness of the camera seems similar to the camera effect that is becoming increasingly popular and has been used in such blockbuster sci-fi films as Cloverfield and Project Almanac.

The footage that looks like Doc Brown is examining a mysterious object in his garage was actually taken from a promotional video that he shot for the LEGO Dimensions game back in 2015.

As you watch the LEGO commercial, you eventually discover that the “mysterious object” that Doc Brown is examining is the LEGO Dimensions game itself — including the Back to the Future-themed pieces. However, when you just focus on the fact that it is Doc Brown and you remove the LEGO factor from the footage, it can very easily pass for Back to the Future 4 footage (if the movie actually existed.)

Blending all of this commercial footage together while removing the product endorsement and applicable company logos from the clips makes it seem as if it high-quality clips from an unseen Back to the Future movie.

Any hopes of a Back to the Future remake, reboot, or follow-up sequel were eliminated back in 2010 when BTTF co-screenwriter Bob Gale made it clear that he and director Robert Zemeckis had no plans to make that happen.

“We have no plans or desires to make another Back To The Future movie – not a Part 4, nor a remake of Part 1. Nor does Universal or Amblin Entertainment have any such plans… Per our contracts with these companies, no Back To The Future sequel or remake can even be scripted without discussing it with us first… We are very proud of the Trilogy as it stands and we want to leave it as is.”

Even if a green light is never given for Back to the Future 4 to officially start development, it is at least good to know that there are witty and creative BTTF fans that enjoy adding adventures to the franchise through pipe dreams, fan fiction and fan made trailers.

[Featured Image by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Universal Pictures Home Entertainment]