Is The Surface Phone’s Release Date On The Verge Of Being Canceled?

The anticipation for the Surface Phone’s release date is high, yet the mystery is also great. People are talking about it as if it is becoming a reality soon, but Microsoft has not given an indication whatsoever that it is arriving this year or in the next couple of years. With the recent reports, the fans’ confidence on its launch is becoming lower than ever.

Why It Will Likely Be Cancelled

Microsoft recently released its quarterly results and from what CFO Amy Hood said, its Surface sales are down. That’s not a good sign at all; add to that the nonexistent revenue from its mobile sector that simply means that Windows 10 mobile is negligible, Extreme Tech reports.

“Devices revenue declined 51 percent. We had no material Phone revenue this quarter. Our Surface business declined 26 percent and 25 percent in constant currency, as heightened price competition and product end-of-lifecycle dynamics resulted in lower than expected Surface Pro unit volumes.”

Although Microsoft still raked in billions, it’s hard to ignore the 26 percent decline in Surface sales. Some people took this as a sign of decreasing interest on the brand, which could mean that the Surface Phone would struggle if and when it comes out.

And it will likely so, especially if Microsoft fails to acknowledge what the consumers really want. Even though the Windows Mobile OS is pretty great actually, it still has a lot to prove against Android and iOS, which dominate the industry.

Android OS on the OnePlus 3
[Image by Jan Persiel/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0]

For starters, Microsoft seriously needs to work on getting more apps (mainstream and non-mainstream) on the Windows store. It is one of the biggest flaws of the system that get users to shift to an Android or iOS phone instead.

Why It Will Still Be Released

There are still a number of reasons to believe that the Surface Phone is releasing soon. Sure, sales of the Surface devices steeply declined, but that is only because Microsoft has not refreshed its flagships in a long time. The Surface Book and Pro 4 still perform well, but they are overshadowed by other devices launching with more updated specs. Sales were high when they came out and naturally, the number of units being sold every quarter will drop.

New Microsoft Surface Pro 4s sit on display
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It is surprising that the brand still manages to continue selling its Surface hardware, which could indicate that the interest of the masses is not declining at all. Many people may simply be waiting for a refresh.

And that’s not all. Microsoft is pushing seamless integration of all its devices via the OS. By this concept, owners of a Surface Book or a Pro should start preferring a Windows 10 mobile over another smartphone so they can easily access their work and other documents in each of their owned Surface gadget.

This can be better achieved by looking at Apple, which created its own laptop, ultrabook, tablet, mini tablet, and smartphone. Owners of an iPhone, for example, are more likely to gravitate toward a MacBook if they want to buy a laptop.

Apple devices MacBook, iPhone and iPad
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Windows is already a well-known brand; most of the population grew up with a computer sporting the OS. All that Microsoft needs to do is to convince customers that choosing it also as their phone’s system will benefit them.

Currently, the Surface Phone is being groomed to be a powerhouse that can handle more tasks than any other smartphone to date. Also by the looks of it, Microsoft may be targeting different sectors of the market as it prepares to release three variants of the device with differing specs and prices.

Meanwhile, there’s no clue when the Surface Phone’s release date might be. Earlier this year, the Inquisitr reported of a tip that says it is not planned for this year, but that still has not been confirmed.

[Featured Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]