‘Days Of Our Lives’ Drama: Who Shoots Brady Black, Kidnaps Nicole And Holly

Days Of Our Lives fans recently saw Xander come back from the dead. The last anyone in Salem knew was that he had died. Or that is what he and Victor wanted them to believe. The following contains Days Of Our Lives spoilers. Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to know!

Xander Cook was last seen in Salem when he broke out of prison with Orpheus and Clyde Weston. Days Of Our Lives fans watched as the three criminals wreaked havoc and caused chaos as each executed their own plan for revenge. Of course, Xander never got his revenge on Nicole – until now that is.

Xander Cook has managed to track Nicole and Brady to Canada. As the two finally find happiness with each other and begin to feel safe, Xander sneaks in like a thief in the night. When Brady tries to protect Nicole and Holly, Xander takes aim and shoots him. As Brady lays bleeding on the floor, Xander grabs her and Holly.

Back in Salem, there is more plotting regarding Nicole. Deimos is still trying to get his woman back and has also located her and Brady in Canada. As he makes his way there to “save” her, Sonny and Paul figure out he is up to no good. According to She Knows, they follow him to Canada and find Brady in very bad shape from the gunshot wound he has suffered at the hand of his cousin, Xander.

We know from the Days Of Our Lives spoilers that Xander will keep Nicole caged but that won’t stop some risky escape attempts. She ends up in an even worse situation when one of those tries fails.

Does Brady survive the shooting?

Once Brady is back in Salem, Rafe is anxious to arrest him but soon realizes that Brady is close to death. As he lays in his hospital bed, he asks his brother Eric to go find Nicole and Holly. This could be his last request because he flat lines!

Days Of Our Lives lost Dr. Dan Jonas on New Year’s Eve in a car crash. His heart was transplanted into Brady at that time. Brady had experienced so many strange things after the transplant. He would see Daniel’s memories in his dreams. His feelings at times would be more like they were from Daniel than from him. And now the strain on his body from the gunshot wound has affected that heart. It is failing and Brady is in desperate need of another transplant.

Xander’s reappearance to the set of Days Of Our Lives brings about several questions. Now that Xander has actually shot Brady, his Uncle Victor’s beloved grandson, the stakes are seriously high. Victor had considered killing him once before. This time he won’t be so likely to change his mind if given a second chance.

Brady is played by Eric Martsolf. While we know that Arianne Zucker (Nicole) will be leaving Days Of Our Lives soon, there has been no word of an exit for Brady. His current contract is in place until October so there is plenty of time for a renewal.

We have some unanswered questions.

At this point, there aren’t many answers as to how this turns out for Brady. Will he get a new heart and survive the shooting? If so, where is that heart coming from? Will Nicole be saved from the clutches of Xander? Or is this how she will exit Days Of Our Lives? After all, her contract officially expires at the end of April.

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