April The Giraffe Could Easily Be A Beloved Cartoon Character

Just like Bambi or Dumbo, April the giraffe could easily become a beloved Disney character.

With millions of people across the world following April and her newborn, it would come as no surprise if companies like Disney decide to make a movie about her adventures at Harpursville zoo.

On its official Facebook page, Animal Adventure Park has been getting numerous requests from fans for April-themed calendars, illustrated children’s books, poems, stories and animated movies–some even suggesting that Disney must consider making a movie about April, Ollie, and the baby.

It remains to be seen if an animated version of April will see the light of day. The Animal Adventure Park, so far, has revealed no such motive.

However, zoo owner Jordan Patch, in an interview with The Inquisitr, made it clear that the park wants to connect with the world and make a difference on a large scale.

“We have the platforms, resources, and audience to continue to connect with the world and really make a difference on a large scale. In just a couple months, we have brought giraffes to the forefront of world conversation, united many over a natural process (birth), and educated them along the way,” he said.

Songs, stories, and poems about April and her calf are already going viral.

Thanks to the giraffe, Ricky Reilly, a 30-year-old nuclear mechanic at Portsmouth naval shipyard, found inspiration to create music that’s now going viral.

Reilly, who wrote two songs dedicated to April the giraffe, says it would be exciting to see an animated version of the animal.

“I think that it would be really neat if an animated cartoon about April became a reality. I think it would make the younger generation love giraffes and want to get involved in preserving the species. It would be amazing if I could write the theme song for it,” Reilly told the Inquisitr.

“I imagine the animated series could be something that showcases April, Oliver, and Baby G as a family!”

More people are eager to see April on the big screen.

Sally Harris, a psychotherapist from London, has been a giraffe cam watcher for a long time. She said she is keen on an animated version of April.

“I am a sane psychotherapist and didn’t Facebook a lot. All that changed with Jordan’s vision and the waiting game. So many people have got their lives back on track, thanks to a giraffe! So much for therapy! Friendships have been made and I think a cartoon of April & Co would be amazing,” she said, adding that she is expecting a movie that’s as spectacular as Jungle Book.

For artists like Kelly Bain, April the giraffe offered a new lease of life. Bain started drawing April for fun and posting it on Facebook groups. Impressed with her artistic style, Animal Adventure Park purchased over 4,000 prints of her giraffe art.

Like many others, Bain too is of the opinion that April will make a great animated character.

“Her whimsical nature and peaceful disposition is endearing. The whole world already knows who she is, and she will capture the hearts of generations to come! I think April pulls at the heart in the same way Bambi and Dumbo has,” said Bain.

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Janice Courtney from Michigan says April will make a beloved storybook character as well as a great movie—something along the lines of Bambi.

“I really think that April should be portrayed as a motherly figure. Kind eyes, which of course she has, and naturally a heart on the side of her neck. She also has her funny, quirky side, aka April Showers, so she also needs to show that in some way,” she said.