Could Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Be Avoided? Alleged Gay Lover/Boyfriend Kyle Kennedy ‘Knew’ About His Thoughts

Aaron Hernandez’s alleged gay lover Kyle Kennedy might have known about the ex-NFL star’s suicidal thoughts. Kennedy was the last person to see Aaron alive before he killed himself. The 22-year-old alleged boyfriend was Hernandez’s fellow inmate at the Souza-Baranowski Correction Center in Shirley.

Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his prison cell on April 19. Even though there have been rumors about the relation between Aaron and Kennedy, the latter’s lawyer Larry Army Jr. said that he had no “liberty to discuss the nature and the extent of that relationship.” Army said his client would like to talk about it on his own.

It has been revealed that Aaron Hernandez had regularly written letters to Kennedy and his family. According to Army, his client believes that one of the three suicide notes left by Aaron was meant for him. When Army came to know that Aaron’s letters did not make much sense, Kennedy told him that it was written in prison codes. Therefore, it would seem “incoherent” for others, he said. The Worcester District Attorney’s office presently has the custody of the letter that Kennedy claims as his own.

Aaron Hernandez’s alleged gay lover Kyle Kennedy thought it was a joke.
Aaron Hernandez’s alleged gay lover Kyle Kennedy thought it was a joke. [Image by Northbridge Police Department/AP Images]

Kennedy’s lawyer also claimed that Aaron Hernandez regularly wrote to Kennedy’s family. He showed one of the letters, where the ex-NFL star called Kennedy his brother. The letter bears Aaron’s signature as well.

“He is my brother, and he always will be.”

In the “very personal” letters, Aaron spoke quite candidly about the relation he had with Kennedy. Aaron apparently called Kennedy by his prison name, Pure, in those letters. In one of those letter, Aaron is believed to have revealed his suicidal thoughts, but Kennedy apparently did not have any clue about it.

“I think I’m gonna hang it up lol.” Aaron said in a letter three weeks before he literally hanged himself to death.

Army clarified that his client had no clue that Aaron was talking about committing suicide. He said Kennedy was “stunned” to know about the suicide. He believed Aaron was joking about killing himself.

“He thought that the people in the jail were playing a game on him because they knew of the closeness of the relationship between the two,” Army said.

The lawyer also said that Kennedy and Aaron knew each other even before they came to prison. However, Army did not give further details how they knew each other before prison. Kennedy apparently considered Aaron to be “one of the most powerful forces as a person.”

Kyle Kennedy apparently had no idea Aaron Hernandez was talking about committing suicide.
Kyle Kennedy apparently had no idea Aaron Hernandez was talking about committing suicide. [Image by Keith Bedford /The Boston Globe/AP Images]

“Aaron could take any situation no matter how bad it seemed and turn it into a positive, and was always smiling,” The Boston CBS Local quoted Army as saying.

According to Army, Kennedy and the ex-NFL star requested to cell mates in September 2016. The request was approved initially. However, later on, it was rejected because of the difference in size between Aaron and his alleged boyfriend.

Kennedy was put on suicide watch after Aaron had killed himself. Being on a suicide watch means Kennedy is stripped of his clothes and put in solitary confinement. A police officer is placed at the doorway to watch the prisoner’s every move. According to Army, Kennedy is not sure why he is kept under suicide watch.

Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer Jose Baez, however, has dismissed everything Kennedy has claimed so far. He denied any claims of Kennedy being Aaron Hernandez’s gay lover. Kennedy claims that Aaron promised to give him a custom-made $47,000 watch. The 22-year-old demands the watch now. Baez has laughed off the claim.

“Quite frankly, I’m surprised more inmates have not come forward to make money off the media,” Baez said.

Aaron Hernandez was not on suicide watch when he killed himself. If Kennedy had even a faint hint about his suicidal thoughts, maybe it could have been avoided.

[Featured Image by Stephan Savoia/AP Images]