‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Bill’s Obsession With Ridge’s Secret Drives Brooke Away?

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill (Don Diamont) may be madly in love right now, but The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that their newly reignited romance may not last long. Based on clues from last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful episodes and according to various B&B spoilers, it may even be Bill himself who ruins his nth chance at love with Brooke.

Last week, The Bold and the Beautiful viewers saw Bill obsessing about the reason Brooke called off her wedding with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). Spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful May sweeps episodes suggest that it is this obsession that leads Bill to unwittingly sabotage his relationship with Brooke.

Bill does some digging

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Tuesday’s episode will find Ridge feeling guilty when his father, Eric (John McCook), gives him some advice on how to get Brooke back. Despite his uncontrollable attraction to Quinn, Ridge does respect his father and feels awful about what he and Quinn have done. So far, only Brooke and Katie know about his and Quinn’s secret, and the whole thing seems almost manageable.

Unfortunately for Ridge, Bill is about to enter the mess. In last week’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill, who had just gotten re-engaged to Brooke, mused about the end of her relationship with Ridge and sensed that something truly awful must have happened for Brooke to call off the wedding.

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Despite Wyatt’s (Darin Brooks) suggestion that he should probably leave it alone for RJ’s (Anthony Turpel) sake, Bill vowed that he would get to the bottom of the mystery. Theorizing that Ridge must have done something really bad, Bill’s curiosity was ignited. He believes another woman was involved and thinks that if he can uncover the truth, he can use it against Ridge. “I’m going to find out what it is,” he said.

Later, in Brooke’s kitchen, Bill taunted Ridge and promised to expose his dirty little secret. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that he’s about to do just that — and that his meddling will cause a giant wave that will ripple through Los Angeles.

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So how does Bill learn the truth? There are a couple of possibilities. One, that Katie blabs the whole story. Two, that he catches Ridge and Quinn in an intimate moment. The first option will allow Katie to both (a) get back at Ridge, and (b) make Bill feel bad about being Brooke’s second choice. The second option is more unlikely but should give The Bold and the Beautiful fans something to look forward to.

Eric’s health declines

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that after Bill finds out about Ridge and Quinn, his next move will be telling Eric. The Forrester patriarch will be the last to know and will undoubtedly see it as a betrayal by all involved, including Brooke and Katie, who have so far kept quiet about the whole thing.

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Unfortunately, it might be too much for the old man to take and his health could be severely affected. Perhaps a heart attack or a stroke is in the cards for Eric, who has been dealing with health issues in recent years.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry say that should Eric fall ill because of Bill’s revelation, Brooke will never forgive her new fiancé. Instead, it will bring her closer to Ridge, who will undoubtedly be devastated by Eric’s condition and will be blaming himself for it. The two could bond over their mutual concern for Eric and, in the process, rekindle their romance.

This will, of course, be a huge blow to Bill, who will be stunned by the turn of events. He’ll just have to move on, possibly with Katie, who hates Ridge as much as he does, or with Quinn, who will be alone and lonely while Eric is incapacitated.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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