Nintendo NES Classic Edition Discontinued Because Of The Mini SNES, Confirmed?

Earlier this month, Nintendo unexpectedly announced the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition. Many wondered why the company decided to axe the console despite its huge sales; even today the company still has not kept up with the demand. Shortly after, fans attributed the reason to the upcoming re-release of the Mini SNES, and they may be right.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime speaking on E3
[Image by David McNew/Getty Images]

In an interview with TIME, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime alluded to the NES Classic Edition’s discontinuation. According to him, the product was only meant to be sold over the holiday 2016. But due to the overwhelming response of the market, they increased production and shipment, extending its sale through April 2017.

Still, the supplies never were able to meet the intense demand for the console. Thousands of fans are still willing to spend their money on a unit. So why did Nintendo suddenly pull the plug on the NES Classic Edition? The answer may be really simple: they’re refocusing their energy into the future.

“From our perspective, it’s important to recognize where our future is and the key areas that we need to drive. We’ve got a lot going on right now and we don’t have unlimited resources.”

Fils-Aime’s answer was pretty straightforward. Even though Nintendo could still profit from the console months from now, it could not afford to fixate on the production of the NES Classic Edition. Why? Because it is focusing on another console: the Mini SNES.

Eurogamer previously revealed that Nintendo was already starting the production of the Mini SNES. The timing was perfect – the NES Classic gets the axe and another platform starts to be manufactured. Thus, it was evident from the start that it was discontinued because of the new platform.

Fils-Aime’s statement only corroborated the rumors. As he said, Nintendo doesn’t have unlimited resources, so it is only natural that it shift its attention to the next step.

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Still Lives

It’s the last chance to buy the NES Classic Edition, so those who still haven’t got one should watch out for any store restocking the console. Best Buy replenished its inventory last Monday, but stocks ran out quickly. Another batch arrived on Friday and if you’re lucky, you can get one if the nearest branch to you has some available.

Other retailers like Walmart and Target also receive some NES Classic Edition stocks regularly, so it’s heavily advised for you to check out inventory tracker websites like BrickSeek and iStockNow. You can set up these services to alert you if it becomes available in stores.

Some independent sellers on Amazon and Walmart are also still selling the console but at a much higher price, the Inquisitr previously reported. Soon, these could be the buyers’ last resort as Nintendo said that the last shipment would be this month.

After the last stocks have been shipped out, the price of one unit is expected to dramatically increase. An NES Classic retails for $59.99, but some are currently being sold at $200 upwards. When it is phased out, prices will shoot up as it will become more limited than ever.

Mini SNES pictured
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The silver lining is that we will soon be seeing the Mini SNES, which is far better than the NES Classic Edition. If nostalgia is what you want, you won’t be disappointed as it offers better games that are still undoubtedly part of our childhood.

As of now, we can’t say for sure what titles will be included, but it is highly likely to bring Final Fantasy VI, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Chrono Trigger among others. The Mini SNES, like the NES Classic Edition, is expected to come with 30 games in time for the holidays.

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