Zach And Tori Roloff Of ‘Little People, Big World’ May Welcome Baby Boy Sooner Than Expected

Pint-sized Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff and his wife Tori (a kindergarten teacher) are expecting their first baby in the next month or so, but recent social media chatter is letting on that their bundle of joy may be joining the family sooner rather than later. Or perhaps Tori Roloff’s recent Instagram post was more of the wishful thinking of a first-time expectant mom than actual science. Either way, fans of the TLC series are on the edge of their seats waiting for the couple’s baby (a boy!) to make his debut.

According to Tori Roloff’s recent Instagram post, the 25-year-old wife of Zach Roloff (whose struggles growing up with dwarfism have dominated the Little People, Big World reality show) she’s already feeling contractions at 36 weeks pregnant. What’s more, reports InTouch Weekly, Tori is also already dilating. A little bit at least.

“36 weeks pregnant, felt my first contraction! One centimeter dilated, baby Roloff is the size of a watermelon.”

Yup... still pregnant. #ZandTpartyofthree

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Indeed, Zach and Tori’s baby bump is also roughly the size of a watermelon, which might be why the mom-to-be is eager to wrap up this pregnancy and move on to parenthood. However, as Daily Mail reported, it’s possible that parenting a Little People, Big World baby might be a bit of a challenge. That’s because an ultrasound earlier in April indicated that Baby Roloff may be a “little person,” just like his daddy. According to reports, the still fetal bundle of joy presented with limbs that are all “measuring short.”

According to Amy Roloff, Zach’s mom (who is a little person herself), the ultrasound results were “scary.”

“Their latest ultrasound, it’s very scary because you just don’t know what the future holds.”

Jeremy Roloff, twin brother to Zach (Zach and Jeremy are non-identical, and Jeremy is a full-sized person, as is Zach’s wife, Tori) expressed concern for his brother and the possibility that his child may be a little person.

“The struggles little people can go through can be really really tough.”

Incidentally, Jeremy Roloff and his wife are also expecting their first child, a little girl, due about a month after Zach and Tori’s little bundle is slated to enter the world. While that couple are both full-sized, the quirks of genetics mean that it’s possible that they could become parents to a little person of their own.

Whether she is going to give birth to a little person or a full-sized person, Little People, Big World’s Tori Roloff is psyched to become a mom. The reality TV star has been posting regular pregnancy updates on Instagram using the hashtag #ZandTPartyOfThree, and her latest confession about dilation and contractions have her fans offering both their support and their advice.

After all, while 36 weeks is on the early side, it’s not too early for a newborn to thrive.

At least one follower had some tried and true pregnancy advice for Tori, whether she delivers this week or a month from now.

“Girl, you’re ready! Walk, walk, walk, and rest up!”

Zach and Tori’s baby will be the first born to the Little People, Big World clan, even though Jeremy Roloff and his lady love are coming in a close second. The impending pair of Roloff grandbabies has, according to People, spurred family matriarch Amy Roloff (mom to Zach and Jeremy) to get ready for the new additions to the clan.

In fact, the 52-year-old recently had herself a “grandma shower” to help her prepare for the impending changes in her life. In the past, Amy Roloff has called herself “too young” to become a grandmother, so it’s possible she’s taking the bandage off slowly in order to help herself adjust. Whatever her reasoning, her grandma shower bash has her feeling great about her new role.

“Today was the grandma shower and I feel great!”

According to Amy Roloff, the grandma shower was her idea, something the Little People, Big World star thought up to help get her ready to become a grandparent to her two new grandchildren.

“I randomly came up with that thought. I like to be a little bit self-sufficient and so I wanted a grandma party and get those things that a grandma may need or want, so when the kids bring over the grandbabies, I’m all ready and prepared and they don’t have to stress out. I have two grandbabies on the way. It’s like How does that happen? Obviously I have twins.”

What do you think? Are you super stoked for the first glimpse of the latest Little People, Big World star? Do you think that Zach and Tori Roloff will welcome their bundle of joy a few weeks early? Let us know in the comments below.

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