WWE News: Brock Lesnar Purposely Breaking WWE Rule And WWE Is Actually Allowing It To Happen

WWE has a lot of written rules that are in place and will always be followed by the book, but there are some unwritten rules that have a tendency to be broken quite often. Brock Lesnar is very close to being in violation of a rule that has been in place for years and even decades. Not only is he about to break that rule and WWE isn't going to do anything about it, but they're actually promoting his actions.

In a very strange and odd turn of events, WWE added a brand new pay-per-view (PPV) event to its 2017 schedule and it is called Great Balls of Fire. Yes, the official website of the company has added a page for the PPV and has been confirmed as real and something that is going to happen.

wwe news brock lesnar rule universal title defense
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Yes, the PPV is actually called Great Balls of Fire.

Not only will this be the first time this PPV has ever taken place as it is brand new, but it will have Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Universal Championship "for the first time." Nothing else is really known about the event, but Lesnar will be there and his title will be on the line.

So, this is a Monday Night Raw-exclusive event and it will have Brock Lesnar defending his WWE Universal Championship in the main event. You didn't hear the announcement wrong as it will be his first time defending the title he won from Goldberg at WrestleMania 33.

That title defense will make it more than three months before Lesnar defends his title which is breaking the 30-day rule that WWE has in place. The rule which states that a superstar must defend their title at least once every 30 days or have to forfeit the title since they were not a "fighting champion."

Obviously, WWE doesn't seem to mind that Lesnar is fulfilling his end of his contract which has him limited to a number of dates per year. It is just interesting that they're completely ignoring a rule which has been brought up in storylines for decades.

wwe news brock lesnar rule universal title defense
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There isn't a lot more known about Great Balls of Fire as to who will take on Brock Lesnar or what other matches will be on the card. The official preview page does show some of the bigger names from the Raw roster as appearing on the card, but that is always subject to change. Some of those listed to appear are the following.

  • Brock Lesnar
  • Roman Reigns
  • Finn Balor
  • Seth Rollins
  • Dean Ambrose
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Samoa Joe
  • The Miz
  • Alexa Bliss
  • Bayley - shown in promo video
Earlier this year, the Inquisitr reported that Chris Jericho had gone for more than 30 days without defending his United States Championship, but WWE brought no attention to it. There was some confusion as to whether he actually hit the 30-day mark or not, but it was not made into any kind of big issue.

In the matter of Brock Lesnar defending his newly won title, it is clear to see that he won't be defending it within even close to every 30 days.

Brock Lesnar is the WWE Universal Champion and it really does appear as if the company is willing to go an entire year with the belt in his possession. On top of that, WWE appears perfectly fine with him only coming around every two or three months to defend the belt. They're promoting his first title defense at Great Balls Of Fire which will be a full three months after winning the belt, and that is way past the 30-day rule, but that doesn't seem to matter.

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