Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy Saga: MTV Star Crosses Out A Name And ‘Every Guy’ On The Rumored Baby Daddy List

The Kailyn Lowry baby daddy list has just been reduced significantly after the Teen Mom 2 star clears one name and a couple of others from the list of candidates.

While she has not been quiet about it since the announcement of her third pregnancy, the 25-year-old MTV celebrity remained coy when it comes to the identity of her third baby daddy, which has fuelled a lot of speculations on who he really is.

In fact, the list seems to be continuing to get longer as Radar Online reveals another name that might be the infamous Kailyn Lowry baby daddy No. 3. According to the outlet, Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry may actually be having the baby of famous Love & Hip Hop star Peter Gunz.

Apparently, Gunz left an interesting comment on one of Kailyn’s most recent posts on Instagram, particularly the one where she shared a photo of her baby bump.

Happy bump day from Baby Lo & me ????????????????????

A post shared by Kailyn Lowry (@kaillowry) on

“Calling U,” the 50-year-old rapper allegedly wrote.

This sparked speculations from Kail’s fans that the father of 10 may be the baby daddy of this unborn child too.

“Is this Peter Gunz’ baby too?!”

Another wrote: “You’re trying to get the Love & Hip Hop checks!”

But amidst the speculations and accusations on the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy mystery, the Teen Mom 2 star uncharacteristically cleared the air quickly through another social media post—this time, on Twitter.

Unlike other speculations, this particular rumor seemed to be something that the Teen Mom 2 star didn’t want in her resume as she further clarified her relationship with Peter Gunz in an interview with The Dirty.

“Peter is like family, nothing more, nothing intimate.”

She also talked more than what fans expected about the baby daddy rumor mill, which she believes had been blown out of proportion since she continues to refuse to reveal who he really is.

“I understand having three different men father my children isn’t necessarily a good look but it also doesn’t mean I sleep with every man I’m around.”

On top of that, she also cleared off “every other guy” on the list.

“That goes for every guy that’s been listed as ‘potential’ fathers,” Lowry added.

“I haven’t slept with these people.”

For those who are just tuning in to this particular issue, several people are being considered in the mysterious Kailyn Lowry baby daddy saga, including her former producer JC Cueva and estranged husband Javi Marroquin.

However, the top contender has been Chris Lopez, Kailyn’s friend. According to past reports including some from the Inquisitr, the reality TV star has dropped hints and slipped up a couple of times when posting on social media about her mystery baby daddy.

On one Instagram video, she responded with a fan’s baby name suggestion with: “Chris would say ‘I’m Holden the baby!'” Later, she posted an image of her baby bump on Snapchat and called it, “Baby Lo.”

In both instances, fans and media outlets were quick to speculate that she was indeed referring to Chris Lopez, who was her friend. This was another thing that made him the top candidate in the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy mystery since a rep for the Teen Mom 2 star revealed that the father of her unborn child “is a friend Kail was briefly dating.”

Still, since Kailyn said that she did not sleep with “every guy that’s been listed as ‘potential’ fathers,” the baby daddy rumor mill might as well return to the beginning as she appears to be bent on keeping his identity a secret.

With that said, it is best to take the information mentioned above that has not officially come from the Teen Mom 2 star’s camp with a grain of salt.

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