Milo Yiannopoulos Announces New Media Venture

Milo Yiannopoulos is now MILO, Inc. (all caps) as his comeback tour begins.

In a Facebook post today, the controversial conservative/libertarian pundit and freedom of speech activist revealed the basic outline of a new, 30-person multimedia venture funded by $12 million from undisclosed investors, which will put Milo back into the public eye and back on the road.

Milo’s company, which he says will be dedicated to the destruction of political correctness and the progressive left, will be based in Miami, Florida.

The names of the investors are probably being kept under wraps out of concern for harassment from the social justice cohort. The organization is being initially set up to manage his writings, tours, merchandise, and media availability.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Milo’s media profile soared during and after Donald Trump’s election with a $250,000 book deal with Simon & Schuster, but crashed just as hard after previous comments he’d made seeming to condone underage sex. The comments, Yiannopoulos insisted, were taken out of context, though he did ultimately issue an apology. It was not in enough time to save the publishing deal, nor his speaking gig at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

He also parted ways with Breitbart London where he worked.

More than a few media industry observers predicted that the flamboyant PC foe, who describes himself as “the most fabulous supervillain on the internet,” would eventually rebound from the scandal, however.

A big fan of President Trump, who he often referred to as “Daddy” in his many public appearances, Milo jumped off the Trump Train after the Syrian missile strike, but apparently is now back on board.

During the campaign, Milo described Trump as the the most pro-gay candidate ever to seek national political office in America. Born in Greece and raised in the U.K., Yiannopoulos, 32, self-describes as gay.

As a precursor to Ann Coulter’s cancelled speech a the University of California, Berkeley, this week because of threats of violence, far-left protesters went on a rampage when Milo was scheduled to speak there on February 1.

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Evidently, a documentary is in the works about Milo’s cross-country campus speaking tour, and he seems to have found a new publisher for his book manuscript.

Milo also claims that his new media company will organize a free speech celebration at Berkeley in the fall.

“I will spend every waking moment of the rest of my life making the lives of journalists, professors, politicians, feminists, Black Lives Matter activists and other professional victims a living hell. Free speech is back — and it is fabulous,” Milo vowed on his social media page.

Milo Yiannopoulos announces new media company called Milo Inc.
[Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]

Plans also call for a Cinco de Milo party in Florida to be live streamed and the creation of a Yiannopoulos charity for higher-education scholarships.

Milo expressed confidence to Vanity Fair about the new MILO Inc. venture that he hopes will grow even larger as he hires additional libertarian and conservative comedians, writers, and pundits.

“I’m the proof of concept. The thing about me is that I have access to a talent pipeline that no one else even knows about. All the funniest, smartest, most interesting young YouTubers and all the rest of them who hate feminism, who hate political correctness. This generation that’s coming up, it’s about 13, 14, 15, now have very different politics than most other generations. They love us. They love me, and I’m going to be actively hunting around for the next Milo.”

Although he was banned by Twitter after a dustup with Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos is a ubiquitous presence on YouTube where he can be seen debating progressives and feminists on both sides of the Atlantic.

[Featured Image by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]