Joseline Hernandez Shocker: Did She Have Pregnant Sex With Nikki Mudarris?

Joseline Hernandez is nothing if not a controversial figure — she always manages to make the headlines, even if she isn’t trying to.

But the latest rumors about her are more shocking than ever.

We all know that she recently gave birth to a daughter, Bonnie Bella, with her on-again, off-again partner, Stevie J.

But is it possible that Joseline also cheated on Stevie J with another woman, namely, Nikki Mudarris?

According to Bossip, who were the first to get their hands on a sneak peek of next week’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez and Nikki Mudarris were showing getting it on.

Since this is a family friendly site, we can’t show you the video here (though you can certainly see it at the link). However, suffice it to say that Joseline and Nikki were looking like they were a lot more than friends in the video.

And here’s what’s interesting: Joseline was still pregnant in this video.

Meanwhile, according to Celebrity Insider, Joseline Hernandez doesn’t plan on stopping at just Bonnie Bella, when it comes to having kids. No, she and Stevie J are reportedly working on baby number two.

In the past, of course, Stevie J and Joseline were getting into huge fights, with Stevie even questioning the paternity of Joseline’s baby. Yes, it was Stevie J’s.

But now, it seems that the past is all behind them, and they’re not only getting back together and working on baby number two, they’re also working on getting married in the not-too-distant future.

“A source claimed that the ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ stars are closer than ever thanks to Bonnie Bella, Hernandez is now desperate to have another baby with the music maker. A spy close to Hernandez, 30, said: ‘Joseline loves Bonnie B with all her heart and she’s eager to have another baby. She’s still mad at Stevie for being completely absent from her life when she was pregnant. It hurts like hell that he wasn’t there to comfort her, bring her food, take her to her doctor’s appointments and all of those intimate things that a man’s supposed to do for the woman who’s carrying his child.'”

Finally, according to the official VH1 blog, there’s a question as to whether Joseline Hernandez will be on the show much longer, as she’s trying to make a huge move to Miami.

According to them, the claims about Stevie J popping the question and getting serious with Joseline aren’t true, and he’s actually causing her more drama than it’s worth.

She said that she wishes she never told Stevie J that he was her baby’s father, because now, he’s causing her more grief than ever before. It should be noted that this was filmed before Stevie J found out he was the father of Bonnie Bella, so maybe things have changed since then.

“Her new game plan is to collect that child support check and take Bonnie Bella with her to Miami. This isn’t some whim decision, though. She reasons that since she has the family support and music opportunities down in Miami, what’s the point of staying in Atlanta? Only time will tell if she actually follows through.”

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[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET]