Joy-Anna Duggar Hints At Fast Approaching Wedding With Weight-Loss Photo

It seemed like only yesterday that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth announced their engagement, but if a recent image is any indication, the wedding could happen sooner than later.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin were engaged in March after a few months of courtship. Although their sanctioned union until now may seem short, the couple have reportedly known each other for 15 years. The Forsyths run the Fort Rock Family Camp in Arkansas, which the Duggars frequent during retreats. Like the Duggars, the Forsyths too believe in strict courtship leading to engagement and then marriage, with little time between each event. The families also restrict physical contact before marriage and advocate reserving the first kiss for the wedding day. Consequently, like any bride, Joy-Anna would want to look the part during her wedding and is rapidly shedding weight, fans believe.

Although on the fuller side earlier, Joy has on more than one occasion demonstrated strength in the past. Her sister Jessa Seewald shared a video of Joy doing squats. Incidentally, fans who noticed Joy-Anna’s weight loss also remarked on the similarity between the two sisters.

“Joy reminds me so much of Jessa here, I had to double take at first both lovely young ladies, joy is the same age as me, can’t believe she’s getting married!”

The 19-year-old recently stated in an interview with Crown of Beauty Magazine that she looks forward to marriage and sees herself as a mother five years later. However, the pace of developments in this relationship suggests that marriage, and probably motherhood, could happen much earlier for Joy-Anna.

Her fiance, Austin Forsyth, who is in the business of flipping houses, is a total outdoors guy. The place where he asked Joy-Anna to enter a courtship had some fans scoffing at him, but others rooted for him, claiming he is perfect, as Joy-Anna is a tough girl. As if to prove a point, the Duggar family shared an image showing off Joy-Anna’s skill at the wheel of their trailer bus somewhere in the Cumberland Mountains.

While most Duggar fans lauded Joy-Anna on shedding weight, a few opined she was better looking before.

“Joy lost too much weight,” one fan wrote while calling her unhealthy.

Fans also left comments about how each of the Duggar girls lost weight before their weddings.

“Why do the girls always lose so much weight when they get engaged, she was fine before.”

Duggar weddings happen before large camera crews and are aired for fans of the popular TLC show Counting On. The show is expected to return to television later this year with its third season. Joy-Anna Duggar’s engagement and Joseph Duggar’s courtship with Kendra Caldwell are expected to fuel the show this summer. Jinger Duggar’s wedding and honeymoon were featured during last season.

Although a date has not been announced for the wedding, fans suspect Joy-Anna could tie the knot on October 28, her birthday. Like everything Duggar, only an official announcement can really say for sure, but the October 28 date has many convinced, thanks to a wedding registry published by the Knot earlier this year. Reportedly belonging to the couple, the registry reveals Joy and Austin could be spending as much time outdoors as indoors, as it includes camping gear and tools, among household objects.

Speculation about the date notwithstanding, recent pictures shared by the Duggar clan suggest Austin and Joy-Anna have been spending time together, albeit under the family’s watch. Austin too has been seen in multiple images hanging out with other members of the Duggar family. It was not immediately known if the Forsyths too are at Big Sandy, Texas, where Joy-Anna’s picture with Josie was taken.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]