WWE News: Sting Reveals The Biggest Regret Of His Entire Career, Lists The Two Superstars He Watches

When Sting finally made it into a WWE ring, everyone thought that all of their wrestling wishes would finally happen, but it just wasn’t meant to be. After a very short time with the promotion, Sting ended up retiring due to injuries and some of the dream matches simply never ended up happening. After a career that spanned decades, the icon known as Sting has now revealed the one big regret from all of those years in the ring.

There is no big secret that the fans of the wrestling world always wanted Sting to face off against the Undertaker, and the icon’s arrival in WWE finally made that happen. Unfortunately, Sting ended up suffering an injury at Night of Champions in late 2015 and it ultimately led to his retirement.

wwe news sting dream match regret undertaker seth rollins career
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During WrestleMania 33 weekend in Orlando, Sports Illustrated had the chance to speak with Sting and they talked with him about a number of topics. As expected, the subject of facing the Undertaker came up in conversation and that is the one regret he has during his time in WWE and his entire wrestling career.

“There was a worldwide desire to see that match. It was a dream match for me, too.

“I regret not being able to get in the ring with him one time. It would have been great, but I’m okay with the way it turned out.”

After Sting retired and he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year, he continued to tease that he may have one more match left in him. Everyone kind of knew that it wasn’t likely to happen, but leave it to Sting to keep the hope alive.

Sports Illustrated also discussed with Sting about watching WWE’s product and he said that he still pays attention to it now and again. As a matter of fact, he actually revealed the two superstars he was watching the most.

“I’m always interested in what ‘Taker’s doing, and Seth, of course. I have some bragging rights because my career ended with him – so Seth, ‘Taker, I’m always paying attention to those two.”

With the retirement of the Undertaker, Sting has one less superstar to watch and pay attention to. It is quite interesting to see that he still keeps an eye on Seth Rollins, as it was the former member of The Shield who wrestled him in his final match.

wwe news sting dream match regret undertaker seth rollins career
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Despite never having that one big match against the Undertaker, which he desperately wanted, Sting doesn’t see that his career missed anything. In the same light, he doesn’t think the career of the Undertaker is missing anything as well.

“Of course, if I had a chance, I’d do it. But look at ‘Taker’s career; did he miss out on anything? Look at my career. I don’t think I really missed out on anything, either.”

He couldn’t be more accurate if he tried to be, but the point he made is really quite insane when you look at it.

Sting spent almost his entire career in WCW while having a small amount of time in WWE at the end. The Undertaker spent almost his entire career in WWE while having a small amount of time in WCW at the beginning. Between the two of them, they captured almost every title between the two promotions and were on top of their games for three decades.

Sting vs. the Undertaker would have been the pinnacle of two amazing careers, but it will never end up happening.

Sting finally made it to WWE, finally made it onto the card of a WrestleMania, finally had a WWE Championship match, and he retired 0-2 in the ring for the company. Still, he knows that his long career includes so many accomplishments and great moments, as he has almost done everything, but he never had his dream match. He never had the chance to face the Undertaker. With both of them now retired, it appears fans will always have to wonder what might have been.

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