Jennifer Aniston: Justin Theroux Determined To Keep Her From Brad Pitt Amid Angelina Jolie Divorce

Jennifer Aniston won’t be getting back with Brad Pitt if Justin Theroux has it his way, a source has claimed.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Justin was concerned when Brad had reportedly reached out to Jennifer Aniston following his split from Angelina Jolie in September.

Brad and Angelina had been feuding for months prior to the actress’ divorce filing, and it didn’t take long for Pitt to pack his belongings and leave the home he shared with his then-wife and their six children.

After the split, Brad was alleged to have contacted Jennifer Aniston on multiple occasions, Us Weekly alleged at the time — to the point where some insiders have speculated whether their supposed conversations has sparked the possibility of the twosome getting back together.

Not Justin’s watch, CDL reports.

The outlet boldly claims that for as long as fans can remember, Justin Theroux was very much considered to be an opportunist, who was supposedly only dating Jennifer Aniston to further his chances as a credible actor in Hollywood.

Those rumors continued to persist throughout the time that she dated Justin — even after the couple married, people, according to CDL, were still under the impression that Theroux was an opportunist hoping to better his chances and have a solidified career.

With that said, Justin has been bothered by the news that Brad Pitt has reportedly been reaching out to Jennifer Aniston. Celeb Dirty Laundry insinuates that Theroux is fearful of the chance of potentially losing Jennifer to her ex-husband, consequently losing the reputation he’s now built just by being the husband of one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood.

Now that Brad is said to be back in the picture, Justin is much more invested in his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, going to extreme lengths to make sure that a reconciliation between the former Friends star and her ex-husband is never going to happen.

The outlet mentions, “Even after Jennifer began dating Justin Theroux (reportedly stealing him away from HIS long-time partner at the time), the tabloids made it seem like Justin was only using her for her career and never really cared about her in a romantic sense.”

“However, impeccable Hollywood sources close to the situation tell us exclusively that Brad Pitt contacting Jennifer Aniston after Angelina Jolie gave him the boot has reversed the power structure in Jennifer’s relationship with Justin – where Justin has now begun seeing Jen in a new light, and not just as his claim to fame and a better career.”

Justin feels strongly about Jennifer Aniston now that rumor has it she’s back in contact with Brad, who was known to have been the love of her life before he broke her heart and moved on with Angelina Jolie following their on-screen romance for their 2005 hit movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

At this given point, sources for the celebrity news site fails to mention what actions Theroux plans on taking in order to prevent Jennifer Aniston from potentially reconciling with her ex-husband, but from what’s been gathered, the actor is determined to end whatever interest Brad may have to remain in contact with Jen.

CDL seems to insinuate that Justin fears the chance of losing Jennifer and consequently losing out on his Hollywood status since he’ll no longer have Aniston by his side, implying that his recent success is all down to him being married to an A-list star.

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