Kim Kardashian Envies Beyonce: ‘Jealous’ Over Pregnancy, Determined To Have Third ‘KUWTK’ Baby?

Kim Kardashian is filled with jealousy over Beyonce’s pregnancy news, as one source claims that the reality star is desperate to find herself expecting her third child.

In recent weeks, Kim Kardashian has made it no secret that she’s struggled to conceive a third time around because of the complications she’s previously faced when carrying North and Saint West.

Doctors have urged her not to try and take the natural route again because of how severe her pregnancy issues were the last time around when she reportedly faced severe stomach pain and made endless stops to the hospital for immediate check-ups.

Hearing about Beyonce’s pregnancy with twins has totally left Kim Kardashian jealous, mainly because she’s somewhat come to the understanding that the “Formation” star doesn’t like her very much, Celeb Dirty Laundry asserts.

Kim Kardashian has seen what having twins has done for Bey. The multi-award winning superstar now carries the title for having the most liked Instagram picture on the social media website, a title which Kim reportedly held two years ago before being overtaken by Kendall and Selena.

But that’s not all. Kim Kardashian was under the impression that once she married Kanye West, she would have a closer relationship to the rapper’s friends, which include Beyonce and Jay Z — but that never happened.

Beyonce has never considered Kim Kardashian a friend of hers, and that’s supposedly by choice. CDL now claims that Kim is jealous since she’s having severe problems carrying another child by herself — she wants to make it happen regardless of the consequences she could face in doing so.

“Kim Kardashian’s jealousy of Beyonce also goes back a long way and is based more on admiration than bitterness. Kim has struggled so long (and by struggle, we mean pose for cameras and fake drama for reality TV), and when she married Kanye West, she probably thought she would finally reach the zenith of fame.”

“Since Kim knows that the press never paid more attention to her than when she was pregnant, she probably also realizes that getting pregnant again is her best chance of keeping the spotlight on her, whether that spotlight is negative or positive,” the outlet writes.

Back in January, it was claimed that Kim Kardashian and her husband had been invited over to Beyonce and Jay Z’s home in what appeared to be a peace offering following the couple’s feud with one another that had stemmed from Kanye’s meltdown in October, Page Six notes.

Kanye had claimed that Bey was bribing award shows for certain prizes if they had wanted her to perform — an allegation which the singer has never responded to. Weeks later, Kanye found himself in the hospital; he was hospitalized and placed on a psychiatric hold after having suffered a severe meltdown.

Kim Kardashian, according to sources, still plans on having a third child the natural way, having reportedly opted not to take the route of using a surrogate.

As for her association to Beyonce, it doesn’t seem as if Kim Kardashian is ever going to be able to consider herself a friend to the soon-to-be mother-of-three, since, as Celeb Dirty Laundry has already noted, the “Sorry” songstress has made it known that she doesn’t want to befriend a Kardashian.

What do you make of Kim’s supposed jealousy?

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