WWE Rumors: Recent ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy Tweets Suggest ‘Broken Universe’ May Finally Arrive In WWE

If Matt Hardy’s Twitter activity is any indication, the “Broken Universe” may be coming soon to the WWE. And while his wife, Reby Hardy, has done her part to scotch the rumors with vehement denials that WWE was able to settle the dispute over the Hardys’ gimmick trademarks with Impact Wrestling, some believe that they may be a sign “Broken” Matt Hardy will finally be arriving in earnest.

So far, it’s been a rather strange WWE return for The Hardy Boyz, who came back to the company where they first stood out as one of the world’s best tag teams of the past two decades. After becoming massively popular once again in 2016 with the launch of Matt Hardy’s “Broken” gimmick and its accompanying “Universe,” the Hardys were expected to join WWE and take the gimmicks with them.

However, legal issues with Impact Wrestling over the ownership of the gimmicks has limited Matt’s ability to use the gimmick — he still responds to “delete” chants from fans and makes the “delete” gesture on occasion, but has frequently alternated between his natural North Carolina accent and the vaguely English-sounding accent he uses as “Broken” Matt Hardy. His younger brother Jeff, on the other hand, acts very similarly to the Jeff Hardy who enjoyed great success in WWE in the past decade, and doesn’t make any attempt to play himself up as “Brother Nero” — his character within the Broken Universe.

Still, there have been some encouraging reports suggesting that the Hardys will one day go full-on “Broken” in the WWE. The Inquisitr reported last week that WWE and Impact Wrestling are working on a deal that would allow Matt, in specific, to use his “Broken” gimmick. Now, more signs are hinting at the Broken Universe crossing paths with the WWE Universe, and a lot of the signs can be found on Matt Hardy’s social media.

According to Wrestling Inc., the biggest sign of the Broken Universe coming to the WWE is the fact that Matt has been posting most of his tweets in his “Broken” Matt Hardy character, using the signature words and expressions he made famous while working the gimmick in what was then known as TNA Wrestling. Last night, for instance, he tweeted a photo of the “dilapidated boat” Skarsgard, while also making references to the newly-renamed Impact Wrestling’s owl logo, calling it “obsolete” and adding the following words:

“DELETION is coming.”

This has led to speculation that WWE has finally reached a deal with Impact regarding the use of the Broken Universe and all the gimmicks and characters within. But two prominent sources have recently denied this — the Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer, and Matt’s wife Reby Hardy.

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According to Ringside News, Reby took to Twitter earlier today to respond to fans who have been asking whether the rumors are true, and if WWE has bought the Broken Universe gimmicks.

“NO. Absolutely none. The fact that this is even a rumor is such a joke.”

In a subsequent tweet, Reby had this to say when a fan asked her why the rumors keep swirling, and why leading publications such as WhatCulture have reported on them.

“99% sure it was ‘leaked’ to stooge writers from (Impact executive producer Jeff) Jarrett in an attempt to make TNA [sic] look like it’s in a position of power (LOL)”

Even with Reby Hardy’s vehement denial of the Broken Universe purchase rumors, that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t expect positive developments on this front in the coming days. And it might not mean that the “Broken” Matt Hardy Twitter posts don’t have any significance after all. Wrestling Inc. pointed out that Jeff Hardy had likewise denied rumors that The Hardy Boyz were joining WWE mere days before WrestleMania 33, only for the veteran tag team to make their grand return and win the RAW Tag Team Championships at the event.

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