Luann de Lesseps’ Forgive-And-Forget Policy For Friends Could Explain Cheating Scandal

Luann de Lesseps was genuinely hurt and upset when she learned that Thomas D’Agostino had cheated on her during last year’s season of The Real Housewives of New York. All year, Luann had gushed about how happy she was, how in love they were, and just how thrilled she was to have found a man who was her type. De Lesseps kept gushing about their relationship, his proposal, and how she was excited to become a wife again. So when he was caught making out with another woman, she was upset – naturally. However, a few days later, Luann changed her tune, essentially blaming the Real Housewives of New York women for getting involved in her life. Why did she change her mind?

According to a new Bravo report, Luann de Lesseps recently commented on Dorinda Medley’s issues with Sonja Morgan, and the dramatic confrontation that went down at Ramona Singer’s house. De Lesseps had a front-row ticket to the fight, which pointed out Dorinda’s anger and Sonja’s secrets. And Luann reveals that she understands why Dorinda felt the need to talk things out because she’s the same way when it comes to issues that really bother her.

“With friendships, I believe that it’s OK to let some stuff slide, but if something is really bothering me, I try to talk it out. Dorinda is the same way. She wants to say her piece and then move on. So when she got on a roll at Ramona’s dinner party about how she was tired of seeing her name in the press in connection with Sonja, the delivery might not have been fabulous, but I know I was behind Dorinda all the way, and I wasn’t the only one! Sonja’s loose lips (and that’s an understatement) have gotten her in hot water not only with Dorinda, but with me too. I felt the best solution was to get Dorinda away from the table for a glass of wine so that she could regroup. Sonja stayed calm and respectful and that is why I think the next day, at my brunch, she was able to hug it out with Dorinda,” Luann de Lesseps explains in her Bravo blog for this week’s episode of the show.

It’s interesting that Luann has a policy about letting some things slide, especially if they are not that big of a deal. In the past, she has made a huge deal out of small things, including how people call her names. This happened when Bethenny Frankel called her a snake, and when the two met up for a drink and Luann didn’t want to drive in the traffic to meet her. However, when Thomas cheated on her, which should have been a big deal, she shut down her co-stars when they asked about it.

It sounds like Luann de Lesseps’ policy about what is important and what isn’t, has to do with her image. Things that make her look bad are off the table, while smaller issues can be discussed. For example, Bethenny having an opinion about her being a snake was outrageous to her and rather than let another person’s opinion slide, she made a big deal out of it. But D’Agostino’s betrayal made her look bad and she had no interest in shedding more light on the cheating scandal. And if Thomas does something in the future, chances are that Luann doesn’t want to talk about it. One even has to wonder if she would divorce him, as being a twice-divorcee could affect her image as well.

What do you think of Luann de Lesseps’ comments about friendships? Are you surprised that she has a forgive-and-forget policy for issues that are not so heavy, and that she may have used this in the cheating scandal with Thomas?

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]