‘Big Brother 19’ News: Rumors Confirmed, Free Live Feeds, ‘BB19’ Cast Spoilers Coming Soon

Big Brother 19 news confirms some show rumors that have been floating around. The BB19 cast isn’t ready to be revealed just yet, but CBS is going to make it easier for fans to get to know them this spring. The CBS live feeds typically cost $5.99 per month for subscribers, but the All Access application is offering a free month to those viewers who sign up during a promotional period. Typically, the free live feeds are a quick one-week promotion, but some subscribers may be able to time this right to get nearly a full month of viewing at no additional cost.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the summer 2017 season premiere will air on June 28. So, why would Big Brother fans sign up so early when there are still almost two months until the first episode? The answer is that the CBS All Access application is going to provide access to more than 500 episodes from previous seasons. That includes Big Brother: Over The Top, which aired in the fall exclusively online. Entering the promo code (BBMonth) while signing up on the main CBS All Access site will provide the first 19 seasons of the reality competition show.

The other particularly noteworthy Big Brother 19 news from the past few weeks is that a number of casting calls have been taking place with producers of the show. Decisions on who will be in the BB19 cast will likely fall almost entirely on executive producer Robyn Kass, who has been with the show since its inception. She has been quite coy on social media about whether an All-Stars season is coming, but she continuously drops hints about how the first episodes are on the horizon.

The Big Brother 19 schedule officially begins with a two-hour season premiere on Wednesday, June 28. Episodes will air in a familiar format, taking place on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The episodes on Sunday and Wednesday night will air at 8 p.m. PT/ET, while the Thursday night eviction episodes will be at 9 p.m. PT/ET. If the BB19 format remains the same as in past seasons, Sundays will showcase weekly nominations, Wednesdays will focus on the Veto competition and ceremony, and then Thursdays will be used for the evictions and HOH competitions.

In addition to giving free advertising for her show, Robyn Kass has been posting tips for people hoping to be a member of the BB19 cast. Several times, she has underscored the importance of candidates doing well in different types of auditions, possibly preparing them for nearly 100 days in the Big Brother house. It isn’t an easy show to succeed on and a number of times people have emotionally broken down due to the separation from the outside world. Those scenes tend to be good for ratings.

What Robyn Kass and host Julie Chen have still not done, though, is formally address the Big Brother 19 spoilers about this possibly being a cast entirely of returning houseguests. Both ladies have given hints about wanting to go in a new direction this summer and to return to the formula that has made the reality competition one of the most successful shows on television. Could that mean that the BB19 cast is going to be completely new? Or does it mean that there are going to be a number of secrets within the Big Brother walls again?

The buzz continues to be white hot for the summer 2017 season, even while fans have very little official information on what will take place. Producers haven’t even revealed what the BB19 house is going to look like, but Julie Chen will likely give a tour at some point during an episode of The Talk. Eventually, the rumors and possible spoilers will get addressed, as time is ticking down to the BB19 cast introductions online. Until that point, though, fans will have to keep grasping for more Big Brother 19 news, primarily found through Twitter so far.

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