Fyre Festival Fiasco: Twitter Has No Pity For Ja Rule Disaster Party Pushed By Kendall Jenner #FyreFestival

Fyre Festival, a three-day music experience that was set to occur over two weekends on a private beach in the Bahamas, has transformed from posh exclusivity to dystopian nightmare, according to Business Insider. The festival, organized by rapper Ja Rule and tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland, descended into chaos after the wealthy attendees discovered that very few preparations had been made for their arrival. Fyre Festival-goers took to Twitter to whine about their predicament, but to their surprise, their complaints found very little sympathy.

The supposedly luxurious Fyre Festival was promoted by everyone in the supermodel world from Kendall Jenner to Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid. It was supposed to be a relaxing and opulent take on the typical spring music festival, set to occur over two weekends (April 28-30 and May 5-7), according to Business Insider. Guests shelled out between $450 and $12,000 for tickets that included flights to Great Exuma island as well as accommodations. However, festival-goers were shocked to find that said “accommodations” included shabby white tents and school cafeteria-grade meals.

Instead of showing sympathy for guests of the ill-fated party, most reactions on Twitter consisted of amused derision at their misfortune, along with colorful jokes about the disastrous conditions on the island. Some Twitter users did not hesitate to poke fun at the FEMA-like tents and catastrophic milieu of the day.

Others likened the event to Lord Of The Flies, a book written by William Golding about a group of young boys who get stranded on an island, forcing them to invent a society and figure out ways to survive in the absence of adult civilization. The apparent irresponsibility and childishness of the “trust fund babies” who attended Fyre Festival made the comparison apt to some Twitter users.

Other Twitter reactions included mocking the distress of Fyre Festival attendees, whose disappointment was only proportional to the expectations and the luxury to which they are accustomed, pointing out that most people would be happy to experience even the darkest aspects of the Fyre Festival fiasco.

While many complaints seem frivolous and unjustified, others may warrant sympathy. One festival-goer took to Twitter to report that she and others were trapped inside an airport without food or water, claiming that someone fainted as a result of the ordeal.

Although Fyre Festival stated that they would be flying attendees back to Miami, many were stranded at the airport, despite assurances of “safety and comfort.” Business Insider reports that the Bahama Ministry of Tourism put out an apology to travelers and attempted to distance itself from the Fyre Festival organizers, stating, “The Ministry of Tourism is not an official sponsor of Fyre Festival” and blaming the organizers for the “total disorganization and chaos” of the event.

Blink 182, a headlining band at Fyre Festival, announced on Twitter Thursday that they had dropped out of the lineup. Perhaps the band knew something about the fiasco that lay ahead. Guests of Fyre Festival, on the other hand, were shocked to discover the conditions upon arrival to Great Exuma island.

The trouble started when guests discovered that the festival was woefully understaffed, with a concierge desk that had not even been built. Some festival-goers claimed that luggage was haphazardly thrown out of shipping containers at night. Furthermore, instead of receiving gourmet meals, guests were apparently served bread, a few slices of cheese, and a small salad with no dressing. To some festival-goers, who paid over $10,000 for their ticket, this was quite disappointing. The housing “accommodations” consisted of white disaster relief tents. According to one Twitter user, many tents had not even been put up, and some allowed rain to soak through while others were blown away by the wind.

According to the Inquisitr, the Fyre Festival was officially canceled late Thursday night. It remains to be seen whether the internet will develop any sympathy for the opulent ill-fated party-goers. Judging by the latest tweets, this seems unlikely, as some guests have already gotten flustered at this apparently unexpected Twitter reaction to the Fyre Festival fiasco.

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