Dorit Kemsley Expects Too Much From ‘RHOBH’: Is She Suited For ‘Real Housewives’?

Dorit Kemsley has been filming this past season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her friend, Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa may have been the reason why Dorit joined the show in the first place, as Lisa needed some friends on the show. She had been fighting with Kyle Richards the year prior in Dubai, so she needed some extra support. But Kemsley may not have been the right person for the show, as she clearly has some high expectations. Dorit was hoping for a different ending to the show, as she never got an apology from Lisa Rinna.

According to a new tweet, Dorit Kemsley mentioned that she wanted an apology from Rinna after she was attacked in Hong Kong. Lisa made the accusation that Dorit had done cocaine in her own bathroom during a dinner party, which seemed like an outrageous accusation. But it sounds like Kemsley’s expectations are way too high, as apologies are few and far in between.

“I’m highly disappointed that this reunion is going to end without an apology to Dorit Kemsley from Lisa Rinna #RHOBH #RHOBHReunion,” one person wrote to Dorit Kemsley after watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special, to which the Real Housewives star wrote back, “Me too.”

Kemsley may not be suitable for The Real Housewives franchise, if she expects an apology, especially from Lisa Rinna. Much of the drama has been created over the years because of rumors, lies, and stories from the other women. These women enter the show with the expectation that stories will be spread about them, and then they don’t get an apology. Lisa Vanderpump should have warned Kemsley. Even viewers knew that Rinna never apologizes, and if she does, it doesn’t seem genuine. And yet, she wants an apology and genuine actions from her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars. This will probably never happen.

“Rinna never apologizes unless she’s cornered then not genuinely at all. Not worth your time,” one person wrote about Lisa Rinna, while others pointed out Rinna’s way of handling pressure, writing tweets like, “Every time she would get cornered she would redirect the fight to Erica and the panty gate,” and “Yes. That damn thing drug on waaay too long. The rest of us were over it by the next episode.”

Of course, Kemsley has set herself up for a dramatic storyline next year, as the cocaine accusation is an interesting one to viewers. Does Dorit or her husband do cocaine during dinner parties? Was the “you need a touch-up” really a reference to “you need to do a line of cocaine? Kemsley and her husband denied the accusation, but Rinna stood by her story.

Another reason why Dorit Kemsley may not be the right fit for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is because of her husband. Women who have done well on the show have filmed the show alone and not relied so much on their husbands. And her husband, PK, was a huge part of the show this year. It seemed he enjoyed getting involved in the drama, and it really affected the other women. Maybe he wanted to be a part of the show because he enjoyed the spotlight more so than Dorit. If they do return to the show next year, expect PK to be on the show just as much as he was this past year.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley’s expectations? Do you think she has high expectations, and do you think she should return next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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