Eileen Davidson Just Secured Her Storyline On ‘RHOBH’ By Attacking Kim Richards

Eileen Davidson has often been labeled as a quiet housewife, who doesn’t contribute much to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And while Eileen doesn’t say much or do much when it comes to dramatic confrontations, she has still managed to get a reputation for stirring the pot. In other words, she’s one of the housewives, who can create drama without doing much at all. Many viewers have asked Bravo and Andy Cohen to please get rid of Eileen and find a replacement who is more entertaining to watch, but Davidson keeps coming back to the show.

And during this week’s reunion special, Davidson decided to show a more aggressive side. During the episode, Andy Cohen brought Kim Richards back to the show and decided to talk to her about her life these days as a grandmother, and he even asked her about the controversial bunny. And just as Andy Cohen was about to wrap up a segment, Eileen Davidson decided to confront Kim Richards about why she kept labeling her as fake because of her work in the soap opera world.

This attack on Kim Richards opened up another can of worms, and the two started bickering back and forth. Even though Davidson has asked Kim a question, she tried to shut down Richards. This is the first time that Eileen has really shut someone down on the show, and it is possible that she’s trying to secure her spot on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson is now opening up about how she felt about what went down at the reunion.

“I think Kim made a very calculated move bringing that bunny to the reunion. She’d had it for months, and she could have sent it back anytime, or thrown it away, or donated it to charity. She brought it to the reunion to be vindictive and start drama,” Davidson explains in her Bravo blog about the bunny situation, where Lisa Rinna had the gift to Kim’s grandson returned, adding about Richards, “I have no problem with Kim. I have always wanted the best for her life and her recovery. She, clearly, has a problem with me. And I believe that problem is because I am a friend to Lisa Rinna.”

If Eileen Davidson didn’t have a problem with Kim, why did the reunion drama escalate? It sounds like Davidson wanted to bring drama to the surface. If she didn’t have an issue at all, why create an issue? And why did she write about it in her blog for Bravo?

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“But nooooooo…Kim doesn’t want that chapter to close. She has made numerous jabs about my career over the last couple of years. And she did it again at the reunion. I wanted to let it roll off my back like I always do. But enough is enough. I said what I wanted to say. Wait. Hell, no, I didn’t! Because I could barely get a word in! At a certain point, all I can do is wish Kim well and walk away. And maybe throw in one more, “Buh-bye,” for good measure,” Eileen Davidson explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she’s ready to walk away.

But Eileen must know that attacking Kim the way she did on the reunion show opens up a can of worms. Surely, Kim and Kyle Richards won’t let things slide the way they did on the show.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson’s decision to confront Kim Richards? Do you think she’s doing it to secure her role on the next season, as she opened up a new confrontation that has yet to be resolved on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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