‘Dance Moms’ Nia Sioux Frazier Dishes On Friendships And Cyberbullying

Nia Sioux Frazier, who professionally goes by the name Nia Sioux, is the only Dance Moms Junior Elite member to stay with the show from Day 1 until the present day. Chloe Lukasiak, an original member of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) team took a break in 2014 and returned to the series in 2017. Kendall Vertes began appearing on the show in Season 2, thus making Nia the “lone survivor” of the show. She recently took the time to sit down and talk about her friendships with the girls, the show, and the cyberbullying she’s faced as a result of being on the show.

According to Nia Sioux, she is close with many of her teammates. Her best friends on the team are Chloe Lukasiak, Kendall Vertes, and Kalani Hilliker.

Enthusiastically, she describes Kendall and Chloe as her “friends for life” and thinks of them as like sisters. She shared that the three of them have known one another for so long that they are practically family. The three share such a bond, Nia Sioux insists, that they have special privileges in each other’s houses, including coming into their rooms without asking and taking food from each other’s fridges.

The friendship Nia Sioux and Chloe Lukasiak share is clearly genuine. When Chloe surprised her former team at the end of last season of Dance Moms, Nia broke down crying and clung to her friend. No doubt, they missed competing with one another.

In the new season of Dance Moms, the friends even get to share a duet with one another, which looks like it will be an incredibly special moment for the two.

Nia Sioux recently also opened up to Twist magazine about her experience with cyberbullying. As social media grows, even reality stars aren’t exempt from hearing caustic opinions they weren’t exactly asking for, and at times, it even comes from adults ragging on kids.

Nia Sioux says she wants to use the platform she’s been given from Dance Moms in order to help bring awareness to this rising issue, and one that she personally has been a victim of.

“I feel so grateful to have a platform to speak my mind, and I will never take it for granted or use it to spread negativity. So here I am using this platform to say that what has been happening online with cyberbullying is not ok. Especially when it is a parent targeting kids,” she said.

She insists that you should stick up for someone who is being bullied, even online, because sometimes people don’t know how to do so for themselves. She asserts that it can be more difficult to do so as a teenager than any other age group due to the awkwardness many teens feel, but Nia says this issue is extraordinarily important to acknowledge.

Nia Sioux shared that not too long ago, she proudly posted a photo on Instagram of her doing turns in class. Although she did receive positive comments, the Dance Moms star revealed that an online troll told her that someone else could perform what she was doing much better than she could, and it nearly ruined her day.

“I was crying for a really long time [after the comment]. It made my day awful,” she confessed.

She says that her friends and parents told her not to acknowledge the comments, that they were rude people just attempting to get attention and elicit a response from her. The positivity coming from her family and friends helped her rise up and realize that the comments didn’t make much of a difference in her everyday life.

Nia Sioux, who is also a singer, will release her new single on May 4.

[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Stringer/Getty Images]