Are ‘Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran Finally Tying The Knot?

Farrah Abraham and on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran have confused audiences of Teen Mom OG with their tepid love affair and inability to commit to one another. However, recently the pair were seen shopping for traditional Indian clothing, especially the kind one might wear to a wedding. As Saran is of Indian descent, this had fans speculating that the pair could actually finally be walking down the aisle.

Farrah Abraham notoriously purchased a ring for herself on Teen Mom OG, and has been heartbroken that Simon has failed to both reimburse her for it and propose to her with it. This contentious issue has been brought up time and time again when the pair attend therapy, and the famous ring will even make an appearance in the next episode of Teen Mom OG.

Despite their lukewarm affair (seriously, the pair doesn’t really even look like they like each other all that much, much less have any kind of sexual chemistry), the pair have remained good friends. They sometimes are together, sometimes aren’t, but no matter what, Simon still continues to have his hand in Farrah Abraham’s businesses. In the last episode of Teen Mom OG, he was seen training her employees in her store, Furniture by Farrah.

Famously, Farrah Abraham insisted that waiting for a ring is what ugly girls do, but she has been doing just that since Simon still won’t pop the question. This has likely lead to their numerous off-again, on-again status change.

But recently, the pair were spotted trying on traditional Indian garb, with Farrah in a fancy saree that an Indian bride might wear. Even her daughter, Sophia, 8, got in on the action and dressed up in a formal Indian outfit.

However, Farrah Abraham denied the rumor that the pair are making the long awaited trip down the aisle. Instead, she said, the couple were filming for MTV’s webseries, Being Simon, which focuses on secondary characters such as the mothers, boyfriends, husbands and other people in the lives of the young women on the Teen Mom franchise.

She insisted she was just trying to learn about her friend’s culture and that the fancy outfits had nothing to do with church bells ringing.

She was asked if she and Simon were actually planning to marry in the future and she denied that she would want something like that.

“No, I don’t really plan to. I paid for my own ring — I can just do it all on my own and marry myself, really. That would be the best honeymoon, the best life — it’ll be good!” she said.

In addition to appearing on the reality series, Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham can currently be seen on Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Star Family Edition. She appears on the show with her parents, Debra and Michael, to work out their never ending parade of problems.

According to Farrah Abraham, she still holds a grudge with her mother for an incident several years ago in which Debra allegedly punched Farrah and chased her around with a knife. And although Farrah still welcomes her into her life, she is often heard making sarcastic and caustic comments to her.

“I’ve seen my mom do very hurtful things and I’ve gone to the point where I was like, ‘then f**king die already,'” she revealed.

Although her parents are now divorced, her father also appears on the show, and Farrah Abraham claims he had multiple affairs during the time she lived at home with her parents.

When asked to describe her dad in a word, Farrah Abraham, ever polite, chose to use the word “pansy” for him. A very lovely daughter, indeed.

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