‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers For Week Of May 1 Through May 5

Days Of Our Lives has a week of drama and adventure coming our way. As some relationships grow, danger looms for others. The following article contains spoilers, so don’t read unless you want to know.

Nicole is finally happy. Brady has built them a life in Canada with their two children that has them both feeling safe and secure. As true Days Of Our Lives fans know, this could only mean one thing for Nicole. It is about to all fall apart. According to Soap.SheKnows.com, Deimos is on the move to track her down in Canada but another threat is just around the corner. Days Of Our Lives viewers will see the reemergence of Xander and he has Nicole in sight for his wrath.

Sonny and Paul have been keeping an eye on Days Of Our Lives villain Deimos. They have followed him to Canada and discover a badly wounded Brady, but Nicole is missing.

Back in Salem, Days Of Our Lives viewers will see love starting to grow. Jennifer is excited that Eric has asked her on a date. Is it finally time to see if they can be the next big love on Days Of Our Lives?

Brady, in very bad shape, makes a plea to his brother Eric to find Nicole and Holly. Eric and Jen ban together to help their friend. A crafty Nicole tricks her kidnapper and makes a daring escape attempt with Holly!

Ciara’s love life heats up as Wyatt asks her to be his. Theo is jealous and is regretting his part in bringing him into Ciara’s life. Momma Hope is not feeling warm and fuzzy about the new guy in her daughter’s life and decides to do a little digging. She just can’t help but be apprehensive.

Days Of Our Lives power couple Chad and Abigail continue to struggle. Gabi tells her friend Abigail to make her marriage work while Kate is warning Chad not to stay with Abigail. All of this as Eli has finally gotten Gabi’s attention but is he losing interest? He realizes that he and Lani actually have a lot in common. It doesn’t stop Gabi and Eli from being seen by Chad in a passionate kiss, however. Also there is another face off between Gabi and Julie.


Lani continues her quest to get Snake behind bars. JJ wants to protect his partner and ends up saving her from disaster. Days Of Our Lives fans can expect a few more twists as the partners try to shut each other out of the investigation.

Kayla and Steve continue to pursue a relationship with Tripp. Days Of Our Lives viewers will see him begin to put some pieces of the puzzle together. Tripp believes that Steve is covering for the one that killed his mother. He confides in cousin Angelo that he believes that Kayla may be the one Steve is protecting! Joey is nervous about the secret and manipulative Jade can’t be trusted.


Elsewhere in Salem, long-time Days Of Our Lives couple John and Marlena may have some issues on the horizon. She gets some news about John that doesn’t sit well with her.

Chad and Kate are still in cahoots to get Deimos’s amulet. The Days Of Our Lives villain may give them the opportunity while he is distracted by his mission to save Nicole. That is, if the two are willing to go as far as it takes.

Days Of Our Lives good guy Theo is there for Claire when she learns her singing career is in jeopardy. As he offers her a shoulder he is still working on a plan to get Wyatt to walk away from Ciara.

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