‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 535: Anna’s Plan To Trap Acnologia May Come At A Cost; Resurrecting Natsu To Hurt Lucy?

The upcoming Fairy Tail Chapter 535 is expected to reveal another round of fast-paced action as the manga series approaches its climax. In addition, the previous chapter seems to hint of more plot twists in the next installment, which is titled “The Strongest Power.” A warning to fans of the hit manga series by Hiro Mashima, potential Fairy Tail 535 spoilers and speculations are up ahead.

Natsu Resurrected But Something is Happening To Lucy

Previous Fairy Tail Chapter 534 spoilers reported by the Inquisitr proved to be correct- Natsu was indeed resurrected with the help of the Book of E.N.D. as well as Lucy’s eidetic memory. In chapter 533, Zeref, who becomes overpowered and seemingly invincible after absorbing Mavis’ power, stabbed Natsu with his bare hand and left him to die.

However, it appears that it would not be that easy to dispose of Natsu, even by someone as powerful as the Black Wizard. In fact, events introduced in the recently released chapter suggest that Zeref will have to postpone his plans for implementing the time-resetting spell Neo Eclipse because Natsu will one again bar him from doing so in the coming Fairy Tail 535.

Natsu’s miraculous recovery from being dead is due to his link to the Book of E.N.D., the same book that Zeref used four centuries ago to resurrect his brother as a demon. Currently in the possession of Lucy, Gray, and Happy somewhere in Magnolia, the trio noticed that some of the words from the book began to burst like balloons pricked by needles.

Fortunately, they correctly deduced that something must have happened to Natsu, the link between him and the book is far stronger than they have previously realized. Following a hunch, Lucy began to reconstruct the words that were destroyed, a feat made possible only because she has a photographic memory.

The plan worked, Natsu was brought back to life. Thus, Zeref was thoroughly surprised to see his younger brother standing behind him ready to fight once more, just as he was about to leave the guild to cast his Neo Eclipse spell. With Natsu up and running, it looks like fans may be treated to the second round of the epic fight between brothers in Fairy Tail Chapter 535.

However, Lucy’s intervention, which saved Natsu’s life, seems to have some kind of effect on her. Although it is too early to tell what kind of effect it had on Lucy, the last part of the previous chapter show her to be in a trancelike state. In fact, Happy and Gray started to notice it as well and are getting worried as Lucy seems to be shaking and perspiring at the same time.

Trapping Acnologia May Come At A Cost

Meanwhile, Natsu’s resurrection could not have been more well-timed for the other team of mages on board Pegasus. In the recently released Fairy Tail Chapter 534, Anna was having a hard time prying open the Ravines of Time even with her Celestial Magic. In fact, she was starting to suspect that someone must have closed it shut on purpose, a correct assumption since closing the space-time aberration was Zeref’s handiwork.

Hopefully, the team will finally be given a shot in using the Ravines of Time to trap the Black Dragon in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 535. In the previous chapter, Zeref finally opened the space-time anomaly in preparation for casting the Neo Eclipse spell. However, with Natsu resurrected, Zeref may have to delay his magical incantations until he defeats his brother.

Thus, the Ravines of Time is left open for the time being and may be used by Anna’s team to entrap Acnologia in Fairy Tail Chapter 535. There is a catch though, the aberration is clearly visible to the naked eye. For this reason, the previous plan of luring the unsuspecting dragon into a collision course with the space-time anomaly may not work this time.

However, the team is not about to give up, not when they are this close. Despite warnings from Anna that he could get sucked into the Ravines of Time, Jellal rushed to meet the dragon, probably with a plan to divert his attention by making him believe that the anomaly is just part of Jellal’s attack. Will they successfully seal the dragon away in Fairy Tail Chapter 535 without Jellal sacrificing his life?

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